F2 Snowboarding

F2 Windsurfing / F2 SUP / F2 Surfing For more than three decades, F2 has developed products for specialized alpine riders and we are proud to present our new range featuring some impressive highlights again. Our driving forces are innovation and high performance for competitive snowboarding. It is all about offering functional quality equipment for sportive riders looking for as much thrill possible...

FTWO Snowboarding

FTWO Snowboarding A strong team is the gate to success. The FTWO team international can only exist, due to young and ambitious talents who share the passion and fun of snowboarding. Competing on an international level, FTWO has become an unique brand that stayed true to its core values, the responsibility of establishing products which exceed the riders expectations.

F2 Windsurfing / F2 SUP / F2 Surfing

F2 Windsurfing / F2 SUP / F2 Surfing Our main focus is still on the AXXIS F2in1 concept, which has already been published and tested by the appropriate magazines. Carried on and fine-tuned by us, it is about to revolutionize the world of windsurfing. Besides of the well-known Wave line, we revised our Freeride boards and gave them clean but extraordinary designs.

F2 Kiteboarding

F2 Kiteboarding In cooperation with our new development team we succeeded in finishing our brand-new kites in the last few months and are deeply convinced of their functionality and performance. A broad-based board concept, which contains a lot of innovations rounds this line.

F2 Wakeboarding

F2 Wakeboarding As water sports enthusiasts to the core we are also offering a sophisticated wakeboard line, which is - just like our kiteboards - produced in our company's own German production in Schleiz, Thuringia.

F2 Bikes

F2 Bikes Urban Lifestyle and environment friendly mobility are the vision for our f2 bike collection in 2013/14.

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