Often copied, never achieved. The F2 RODEO stands like no other board for uncompromising freestyle in its purest and most modern form. Its visionary design, which combines ultra-compact trim with excellent performance, makes this board a role model in its class. Your F2 RODEO accelerates to top speed in a flash, hangs freely and vividly on your foot and remains easily controllable even when you switch to Switch thanks to its stable glide position. Even through wind holes you draw confidently. His explosive pop shoots you into the most innovative airmoves with minimal effort. Thanks to the compact trim, super-fast folding and maximum rotation speed are guaranteed. For a smooth transition to radical slides with the option of controlled moves, the Noseshape with moderately double concave V. If you are looking for a real weapon for all the trendy New School power moves, then there is no way around the F2 RODEO!

- Bottom shape developing from double concave into flat V for lively loose feeling and full slide control
- Moderate straight curves in bottom and outline combine early planning, fast acceleration and upwind abilities
- Balanced volume distribution for perfect handling in slides and optimal switch stance control
- Compact trim with reduced distances straps/tail for easy pop and straps/mast-base for instant fast rotations
- Double screwed plugs for stability and direct power transmission without twisting straps
- Advanced technical layup combines highest strength and durability with low board weight
- Special light footpads with perfect grip and soft straps give comfort and board control
- Short radical high performance G10 fin from Maui Ultra Fins (Style)

  Fin Size  
  Fin Box  
  Fin Range 
  Sail Range  
   (kg) +/- 6%
  84   211,6   59,4   84   18   Power Box    15-19    3.0-5.0    6,0 
  93   212,5   62   92   18   Power Box    15-20    3.4-5.4    6,1 
  100   213,5   64   101   20   Power Box    15-20    3.8-5.8    6,3 

carbon/cevlar sandwich technology
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