Why choose between "old" or "new" board generation, narrow or wide design, when you can also have the best of both developments? The base of the popular F2 XANTOS of the 90s and some modern adaptations, such as a longer and flatter underwater ship or a narrow yet round stern, mak the F2 XANTOS better than ever before. Ride the classic freeride manoeuvres with ease and pleasure.

VK 1.299,00€

- A long flat bottom shape stabilizes the board and makes it easy controllable and early planning
- Round and narrow outline in the tail
makes the board reactive
- Double concave with side flats in the front for a smooth ride
- Harmonic rails and a flat V in the tail makes the board easy jibing
- Outside strap position in the front,
variable positions in the back
- Optional center-fin in powerbox on Xantos 150
- Daggerboard on Xantos 160

  Fin Size  
  Fin Box  
  Fin Range 
  Sail Range  
   (kg) +/- 6%
  155   255   80   155   34    PB/optional PB Center Fin    40-50    2.0-10.0    9,9 
  180   260   90   180   34    PB/optional PB Center Fin    40-50    2.0-10.0    11,1 

epoxy sandwich technology
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