Our bestseller F2 VEGAS TWIN is the pleasure board that makes learning and refining the most important freeride techniques as easy as possible and at the same time is so sporty that it makes you happy not only as a beginner and advanced rider but also as an expert. The use of two short fins offers significant advantages. Reduced draught is necessary in shallow standing areas to be able to surf relaxed and without fear of nasty spin supports. Not only learning the beach starts becomes child`s play. Thanks to its short fins you can control your F2 VEGAS TWIN even with overpressure in the sail without any tendency to capsize and without annoying spin-outs. Perfect control on all courses and in all conditions lets you experience its enormous speed performance. Two fins pull super easy height and at the same time improve the turning ability in all radii considerably. This makes your F2 VEGAS TWIN a real jibe wonder. Probably no other freeride board on the market is as user-friendly and fun-oriented as the F2 VEGAS TWIN. Made for you!

VK 1.499,00€

- Straight bottom section and moderate straight outline for very early planning, fast acceleration and best control
- Bottom shape developing from double concave V into flat V for perfect shock absorption and comfort
- Twin fin system with reduced draft, gripping rails and balanced volume distribution for super easy handling
- Surface reduction at tail for highest speed achieved through wingers (model 156,146 and 136)
- Variable strap positions for both
learning and advanced sportive riding
- Wood sandwich technology construction for stability, low weight and affordable product price
- Footpads with perfect grip and soft straps give comfort and board control
- High performance G10 fins from Maui Ultra Fins (Twinset Ride)

  Fin Size  
  Fin Box  
  Fin Range 
  Sail Range  
   (kg) +/- 6%
  126   247   69   126   2 x 24    Power Box    22-26    5.0-8.5    8,6 
  136   250   72   136   2 x 26    Power Box    24-30    5.0-9.0    9,2 
  146   250   76   146   2 x 28    Power Box    26-34    5.0-9.5    9,8 
  156   255   80   156   2 x 28    Power Box    26-36        10,1 

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Wood sandwich technologie

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