Are you looking for an all-in-one board without weaknesses? The F2 REBEL sets the standards! With its powerful drive and light-footed radius variability, you get the most out of all moves. Its outstanding gliding performance and acceleration values as well as its impressive controllability thanks to integrated damping will inspire you even on nasty choppy pistes and make it easier for you to make your way safely through any surf. In inland areas and on particularly rough chop, the use of a Singlefin improves performance and control even more. The cleaner the conditions in wave use become and the further the wind changes from onshore to side-offshore, the more you can benefit from using shorter midfins and longer side fins in the thruster setup. This fin tuning gradually transforms your F2 REBEL into a radical wave slasher with the typically loose driving feel of a real multifin waveboard. You wont find a better all-round board for all gliding areas and all skill levels!

- Bottom shape developing from single concave into double concave V for early planning and smooth rides
- Moderate curves in bottom and outline combine early planning and high upwind performance with best control
- Balanced volume distribution with harmonic rails for easy handling
- Advanced technical layup combines highest strength and durability with low board weight
- Special footpads with perfect grip and soft straps give comfort and board control
- Thruster fin set-up for loose feeling and close turns; Single fin option for speed and control in rough conditions
- Fin sizing extends the user range to achieve universal use
- High performance G10 fins from Maui Ultra Fins (Thruster-Set)

  Fin Size  
  Fin Box  
  Fin Range 
  Sail Range  
   (kg) +/- 6%
  72   222   53   72   9 / 14   Slot Box    8-10 / 13.5-14.5    3.5-5.0    6,0 
  77   223   55   77   10 / 14.5   Slot Box    9-11 / 14-15    4.0-5.5    6,4 
  84   223   58   84   10 / 15   Slot Box    9-11 / 14.5-15.5    4.5-6.0    6,5 
  92   223   59   92   10 / 15.5   Slot Box    9-11 / 15-16    5.0-6.5    6,5 
  100   225   61   100   10 / 16   Slot Box    9-11 / 15.5-16.5    5.5-7.0    6,6 

composite light sandwich technology
wave fresstyle LINE

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