Discover windsurfing! There is nothing more beautiful than planning on crystal-clear water underneath blue sky feeling endlessly free. Detached from limits and concern - in the here and now you enjoy life. Everything you succeed in doing for the first time activates an indescribable feeling of happiness within yourself. Your Ride Soft allows you to make this experience as effortless as no second board! Tilt resistant, uncomplicated, maneuverable and fault forgiving it supports you from the first step through a quick learning process up to the experience of racy planning maneuvers. We have chosen a tough construction for the Ride Soft and developed this board in close cooperation with highly experienced windsurfing schools to perfectly match today’s schooling concepts. You will learn how to plane within the first 10 hours. Not only as a beginner but also as an intermediate and advanced sailor you will have great fun. Especially the bigger Ride Soft can also be perfectly used for SUP. The Ride Soft represents pleasure instead of frustration – a real funboard in the truest sense of the word!

- Equal volume distribution for steadiness and fast learning thanks to perfect balance
- Flat rocker line for going upwind with ease, early planning in stable riding position and rapid speed
- Soft harmonic rails and round wide tail with flat V for fault forgiving maneuver characteristics
- Variable strap positions for both learners and advanced riders with soft straps for comfort and board control
- Retractable daggerboard improves steadiness and facilitates going upwind in combination with a long mast box
- EVA soft pad surface on entire deck for comfort and best protection of rider, wetsuit and board
- Shell type handle integrated in the nose and plugs for fitting a handle at the tail facilitate the board transport
- Tough epoxy sandwich technology (EST) construction for persistence and light board weight


epoxy sandwich technology
fun LINE

  Fin Size
  Fin Box
  Fin Range
  Sail Range
  (kg) +/- 6%
  160   255   80   160    DB / 34   PB / Dagger    34-50    2,0-8,0    11,5 
  185   260   90   185    DB / 34   PB / Dagger    34-50    2,0-9,0    12,3 

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