Z1 Z1
Detailed developments and improvements brought the Z1 to the next level of Formula Windsurfing boards. Only the very best shape and technology will make you able to be on the top. The new Z1 is the absolute course race ship to get upwind like nothing else and be the first to round the marks. The board is still the absolute killer in lightwind conditions, but will now also give you even more comfort and confidence in stronger winds.

- Slightly higher rocker-line for better downwind performance
- Flat V in the tail area for better hold, speed and acceleration
- More powerful rail shape in the tail area for easier upwind ability
- Optimized cutout surface for better planning and control
- Double inside back strap position for highwind setup
- Lightweight pads and F2’s
new superlight footstraps
- Lower mast track position
for extra low balance point


Biax carbon sandwich technology
racing performance LINE

  Fin Size
  Fin Box
  Fin Range
  Sail Range
  (kg) +/- 6%
  160   230   100,5   160   No Fin   Deep Tuttle Box    60-70    8,0-12,5    9,4 

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