You prefer an easy-going board for speeding and jibing? Then you are a freerider. And we create the board that will draw a smile on your face - the Vegas LTD! Effortless you will speed up to reach an enormous pace with this early planning board. But you will still rule the action when the wind picks up and the conditions turn to nasty. Even in high wind situations and on bumpy water the Vegas LTD remains in constant planning position. The nose stays down on the water whereby it‘s super simple to control your ride. This board conveys a sportive free feeling and does exactly what you want. Cheery and relaxed you can race into every jibe at full speed. You will carve safely into the preferred radius like riding on tracks and cut through the jibe without loss of speed. The Vegas LTD represents freeriding at its best – for advanced beginners as much as for experienced windsurfers. One for all and ever!

- Straight bottom section and moderate straight outline for early planning, fast acceleration and best control
- Bottom shape developing from double concave V into flat V for perfect shock absorption and easy jibing
- Balanced volume distribution and gripping rails for steady carving while keeping up the speed
- Surface reduction at tail for highest speed achieved through wingers (model 146 and 136) and cut out (146)
- Variable strap positions for both learning and advanced sportive riding
- Advanced high-grade sandwich construction combines stiffness with highest strength and low board weight
- Footpads with perfect grip and soft straps give comfort and board control
- High performance G10 fin from Maui Ultra Fins (Ride)


composite light sandwich technology
freemove freeride LINE

  Fin Size
  Fin Box
  Fin Range
  Sail Range
  (kg) +/- 6%
  96   242   58   96   32   Power Box    28-32    4,0-6,2    5,8 
  106   244   62   106   36   Power Box    32-36    4,5-6,8    6,4 
  116   246   66   116   38   Power Box    34-38    5,0-7,5    7,0 
  126   247   69   126   40   Power Box    36-42    5,0-9,5    7,5 
  136   250   72   136   46   Power Box    40-48    5,0-9,0    7,9 
  146   250   76   146   48   Power Box    44-52    5,0-9,5    8,4 

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