The entry into the world‘s most beautiful sport can be so easy! The Rodeo JR is the board for the next generation. A perfect toy for young beginners learners and advanced together, developed with special focus on our kids. We found the best possible basis for this concept in our legendary Rodeo freestyle range. These boards show all the essential attributes that your young gun should fully benefit from on his way high up into the world of windsurfing. Super easy balancing, early planning, free acceleration to racy speed in stable planning position, forgiving foot steering characteristics and effortless jibing qualities are a matter of course for the Rodeo JR and describe the key qualities for pure fun and rapid successful learning. Your kid will be stoked how easy it feels to ride this board. And thanks to the available additional freeride strap position close to the rails you will enjoy to kidnap his favoured board for a pleasure ride from time to time.

VK 1399,00€

- Even volume distribution for perfect balance and easy learning in every respect
- Flat rocker line for early planning, stable riding position, best upwind abilities and rapid speed
- Round tail and soft rails for fault forgiving and still lively maneuver characteristics
- Very versatile strap positions for individual adaption of strap setup to rider and skills
- Additional powerbox for optional center fin to ensure beginners success by avoiding the drift leeway
- EVA soft pad surface on entire deck for best comfort plus protection of rider, wetsuit and board
- Tough epoxy sandwich technology construction for persistence and light board weight
- Maneuver friendly high performance G10 fin from Maui Ultra Fins (X-Wave)

epoxy sandwich technology
fun LINE

  Fin Size
  Fin Box
  Fin Range
  Sail Range
  (kg) +/- 6%
  116   240   67   116    28 / PB Adapter   Power / optional PB CenterFin    24-30    1,5-7,5    8,7 

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