When you ride a Rave nothing else matters but you and the wave! You can fully concentrate on high jumps and radical rides – no matter how big it gets out there. Thanks to superior planning qualities your Rave cuts its way through the shorebreak with ease even in difficult side-onshore conditions and accelerates for jumps to the upper floors. With the Rave you will enjoy attacking even massive lips. The rails supply full grip to steer every bottom turn safely into a cutback hitting the lip right at the spot. The smooth and easy handling allows you to stay in control even under the roughest circumstances. The perfect mix of superior riding characteristics in all wave conditions combined with light board weight and a durable construction make the Rave to be THE waveboard!

- Bottom shape developing from single concave into double concave V for smooth rides and early planning
- Swallow tail with twin fin setup for radical turns and a loose feeling
- Moderate flat bottom curve and rather straight outline deliver best acceleration, drive and safety in bigger waves
- Balanced volume distribution and nicely rounded deck shape with harmonic rails for easy handling
- Slot box for weight reduction
- Advanced technical layup combines highest strength and durability with low board weight
- Special footpads with perfect grip and soft straps give comfort and board control
- High performance G10 fins from Maui Ultra Fins (Twin-Set)


carbon/cevlar sandwich technology
wave fresstyle LINE

  Fin Size
  Fin Box
  Fin Range
  Sail Range
  (kg) +/- 6%
  70   226   53      70    15,5   SlotBox    14-16    3,0-5,0    5,7 
  77   228   56      77    16   SlotBox    14,5-16,5    3,5-5,5    6,0 
  84   230   58      84    16,5   SlotBox    15-17    4,0-6,0    6,3 

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