Speedster Worldcup SL

Speedster Worldcup SL Speedster Worldcup SL Speedster Worldcup SL
Slalom Factory Racer

For our factory racer the combination of
lightness, quick reaction and comfortable
comportment was on top of the briefing.
Complementary, it sports a softer
torsional flex for quick adjustments. The
Board can give you a massive rebound,
perfect stability and edge grip that provide
pinpoint control for the fastest lane for
short and mid-radii turns.

G60 Douglas Core
Titanium Construction
Carbon Equalizer System
Vario Camber
Highspeed Nano Racebase
Stone Diamond Finish
Razor Tuning

Länge: 153|158|163

Slalom Competitions have shorter turns
than GS Competitions, so the riders have
a smaller slope line.
FLEX: The flexibility of a snowboard affects its
handling and typically varies with the
rider's weight.