Speedster Proto SL

Speedster Proto SL Speedster Proto SL Speedster Proto SL
Slalom Custom Racer

Our own custom factory enables us to
customize our racing prototypes to your
needs, riding style and weight! A revolutionary
concept with a new arrangement
of shape, features and technologies will
provide you with new momentum for the
podiums of your choice. Experience this
exciting piece of craftsmanship, handmade
by an experienced artist in truly premium
quality and perfection – apart from the
rest of the competition.

Custom Core
Titanium Construction
Vario Camber
Highspeed Nano Racebase
Stone Diamond Finish
Razor Tuning
Allflex compatible!

Länge: 157|163

Slalom Competitions have shorter turns
than GS Competitions, so the riders have
a smaller slope line.
FLEX: The flexibility of a snowboard affects its
handling and typically varies with the
rider's weight.