Silberpfeil Vantage

Silberpfeil Vantage Silberpfeil Vantage Silberpfeil Vantage
Wide Extreme Carver

A signature wooddeck technology in the
Silberpfeils’s wide version comes up with
a stunning edgehold, lively flex and agile
handling for a complete package, that will
be cutting smoothly through every turn.
The Vantage Line is the perfect choice for
riders, who like flat angles and enjoy G
forces on hardpack and beyond.

G60 Douglascore
X45 Construction
Vario Camber
F 8000 Nanobase
Stone Diamond Finish
Razor Tuning

Länge: 162|168

Carving is riding steep with the entire body
close to the ground, while taking sharp
turns. Speed Carving is a competetive riding
style while Extreme Carving is for fun
loving riders.
FLEX: The flexibility of a snowboard affects its
handling and typically varies with the
rider's weight.