Silberpfeil Carbon

Silberpfeil Carbon Silberpfeil Carbon Silberpfeil Carbon
Hightech Carbon Carver

Our new Extremecarver comes with a
new sidecut wrapped in finest Carbon
technology. Pure carbon look, armed with
lively flex and agile handling, it will cut
smoothly through every turn. Designed
for sportive carvers, who love riding “on
the edge“ with extra power.

Carbon Deck Gloss Finish
G60 Douglascore
X 45 Triax Carbon
Vario Camber
F 8000 Nanobase
Stone Diamond Finish
Razor Tuning

Länge: 156|162|168|172

Carving is riding steep with the entire body
close to the ground, while taking sharp
turns. Speed Carving is a competetive riding
style while Extreme Carving is for fun
loving riders.
FLEX: The flexibility of a snowboard affects its
handling and typically varies with the
rider's weight.