The core construction of the F2 AIRFLOW CORE absorbs vibrations highly efficiently, ensures a lively flex and a stable material structure. This creates a new, very calm and agile riding feeling, which is especially important on the water.

The F2 AIRFLOW CORE construction is about 70% lighter than a wodden core. The secret is the twelve millimeter thick core of thousands of miniature tubes that are joined together in a special melting process. This construction method comes from the aerospace industry. The F2 AIRFLOW Tubular Core is made of extruded polymers in Germany and is fully recyclable.

- The combination of F2 AIRFLOW CORE and wood provides a weight loss of up to 30% compared to other kiteboards
- Very efficiently absorbing of impacts
and vibrations
- Incomparable control by any kind of speed guarantees an unprecedented ride feeling
- Based on the model up to 50.000
F2 AIRFLOW CORE Tubes are built in
- The unique combination of F2 AIRFLOW CORE and wood provides immense reset forces, which guarantee the perfect pop while jumping
- The highly transparent “look through”-technology defines the outstanding visual appearance
- All boards of the F2 AIRFLOW CORE range are recyclable

- incl. pads, loops, handle and 4 fins (40 mm)

133 x 40 cm | 137 x 41 cm | 142 x 41 cm

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