F2 Skateboarding

Skateboarding - a perfect impression on every pavement

Of course, our roots are in windsurfing and snowboarding, but also skateboard and longboard sports truly are our passion. The F2 longboards are manufactured in our in-house production in Thuringia. True to the motto "standstill is regression", we bring a fully developed, state-of-the-art collection to the market. Noble veneers, direct-print laminates, carbon tops and bottoms. All this combined with the laminated wood cores developed by us.


Special longboard premium axles

All these are the ingredients we use to develop technically sophisticated boards in a climate-neutral production, Made in Germany. Equipped with special longboard premium axles and wheels, you'll make a perfect impression with our longboards on any pavement. Whether urban or beach style, F2 offers the right model for you.


Not only for the trendy ones

Get that windsurfing feeling on the asphalt! It works pretty easy with our carving skateboard and wing in light wind, so you can feel both wind and wave on the road. A setup that guarantees a lot of fun all year long. And when the longed-for winter finally arrives, keep the wing and simply exchange your skateboard for a snowboard. One wing - many possibilities!


Carving boards have long been trendy at F2

With the brand-new collection of F2 carving boards, we benefit from our decades of experience in snowboarding and as board builders. Because the riding style of both sports is very similar. Since many are talking about this latest trend, we have been developing carving boards already for years. The carving axle allows tighter and wider turns and because the wheels are softer than conventional skateboard wheels, they roll smoothly and ensure a perfect grip.


Your street-legal companion - always and everywhere

Classic F2 design, technical features were the main attributes for developing our "City Surfer". The inflatable tyres ensure a comfortable ride also across uneven terrain with the surfboard on your back. Offering three speed levels, the city surfer runs up to 20 km/h to bring you quickly and safely to every appointment.


Skate Boards

F2 Carving Board 9“

Our new F2 Carving Board gives you an authentic cruiser feeling, and is therefore the ideal skateboard when it comes to realistically transferring the unique feeling of surfing onto the road. This is made possible by our Surf Skate Front Truck, which allows extremely tight turns and freedom of movement. The typical old school shape with a short, pointed nose and practical kicktail looks cool even after decades. The gentle concave provides you with a secure footing. The cutouts on the deck under each wheel prevent unpleasant wheelbites and particularly sharp turns are no problem.
69.5 x 23 cm