2010-12-20 // The final ride for Florian Soehnchen in Weißenhaus

Florian Soehnchen in Weissenhaus
Florian Soehnchen in Weissenhaus Florian Soehnchen in Weissenhaus Florian Soehnchen in Weissenhaus
Florian Soehnchen in Weissenhaus Florian Soehnchen in Weissenhaus Florian Soehnchen in Weissenhaus

For the last time this year, Florian Soehnchen went out to catch some waves. At temperatures just above 0°C he spent a great day with his new Baracuda!

2010-12-03 // New Sales Representative for Benelux

We would like to announce, that the company Dopsports will be our Sales Represantive for Benelux for Windsurfing and Snowboarding. We are very happy to welcome Dopsport as a part of our team. Following please find all contact details:

Dirk Doppenberg
Hertenhoeve 1
NL-3831 TT Leusden
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 651925701
E-Mail: dirk@dopsports.com

We are looking forward for a successful co-operation.

2010-11-08 // Vote Now: Windsurfer of the Year

Gunnar Asmussen
Our teamrider Gunnar Asmussen is one of the finalists for the selection of the "Windsurfer of the year 2010" which will be awarded with the Action Sports Award.

Leave your Vote under www.actionsportsawards.de until the 1st of December.The results will be announced in mid-December.

2010-11-08 // Evi Tsape is back on track

After her accident in the past windsurf season Evi Tsape is back in business. Last week she had her first ride at her homespot in Athens-Greece, with her Rebel 63lt and 3.0 m2 sail.

"First time I sailed in 50 knots wind after the accident and felt perfectly safe", she said. "It has been a long time since I sailed with these kind of winds, so overpo"wered. I had forgotten how it is. I had a great Day on the water!"

2010-10-21 // Highly dynamic duo, F2 and VW will ride the “wave” together

VW and F2
VW and F2 VW and F2 VW and F2
Just in time for the 30th anniversary of F2 , VW and F2 have come together to focus on strong co-operation and event planning for the 2011 season. The association with a highly dynamic, performance orientated, innovative and clean sport is the basis of the branding of the 275 horse power Scirocco R-Cup race car.

Kris Nissen, Volkswagen motor sport director: “ We are very pleased to have F2, one of the leading Lifestyle brands to be teamed up with our VW Scirocco R-Cup. This is a continuing partnership with a long tradition. Since the 60’s to the present day, there has been a long association between the VW T1 bus and board sports.

Philipp Schnerr, sales manager F2: “ The combination of extreme sports and motor sport are the ideal combination to attract a young target group and to build on the long history between board sports and VW.

2010-10-19 // Girls training weekend with Evi Tsape & Tony Frey

Tsape Training October
On the 2nd and 3rd of October 2010, F2 rider Evi Tsape organized a girls windsurfing weekend in Athens, together with her friend and fellow windsurfer Tony Frey. It took place in Tony’s windsurfing school in “Ricci di Mare” Surf Club, at the beach of Loutsa, on the Northeastern shore of Athens. The weekend was open to girls of all levels, and a lot of girls who also took part in Evi’s girls windsurf camps in summer were there to improve in windsurfing and learn new techniques.

The weather was perfect for beginners and intermediate sailors. The girls were separated in groups of 4 or 5, according to their level, and each group had a 2-hour class, first off and then in the water. We first explained the techniques using a simulator on the beach, to demonstrate how we perform them and simulate the movement of the board and sail through thewind as well as the positioning of the body to perform them successfully, so the girls could understand as much as possible about the techniques; we analyzed every step and using thesimulator we could explain the exact angle relative to the wind that each step of the move is performed. After the simulation we would go straight in the water, with each girl havin her own instructor to help her achieve the correct positioning and successfully perform the technique being teached.

Besides Evi and Tony, Margarita and Constantinos were in the water all day to help out with the girls. The more advanced girls attending the training weekend were a bit unlucky, since we did not have planing conditions neither of the two days, so we discussed some of the more advanced techniques on the beach using the simulator and then with big boards on the water. Classes started at 10 am on Saturday with a different group every two hours. The teaching went on all day until 18.30 pm and then we went straight into Evi’s birthday party, as her birthday happened to be on that day. A lot of girls who took part in the training weekend as well as a lot of windsurfers and friends were there to party hard until the early morning of Sunday. It was such a lively and happy party, we had a great time! On Sunday we followed the same schedule, we were in the water from 10.30am until 17.00pm. All in all it was another great weekend, full of action and fun on the beach. It is amazing to see how happy peoples’ faces get when they are windsurfing. How they smile when they do their first successful runs on the water. What a rewarding sport it is! Many thanks to everyone who put his hand in there for this event to happen and everyone who was there with us on the beach and at the party!

See you all next time, which will be soon!

2010-10-19 // Our newest teamrider Jannes Thomsen on his Mini-Rodeo

Our newest teamrider Jannes Thomsen on his Mini-Rodeo
Our newest teamrider Jannes Thomsen on his Mini-Rodeo Our newest teamrider Jannes Thomsen on his Mini-Rodeo
Although it has been so cold these days, our new Teamrider Jannes Thomsen obviously feels good on his new Rodeo. "I rode the Rodeo twice now, once with light wind and once with good wind. Both times i was absolutely convinced.

This board is just perfect for me. Extremely compact, very versatile and really easy to ride. Also its length is amazing (Rodeo 80), because moves like the Toad or Flaka rotate much faster and better."

2010-10-08 // Steven van Broeckhoven at the Worldcup in Sylt

Steven van Broeckhoven
Unless rather failing winds the event at Sylt was succesfull for freestyle and slalom, but not for the wave discipline. The wind was blowing offshore during 9 days.

We managed to run 1 single elimination in freestyle in difficult conditions. The heats were prolonged to 12 minutes to have enough moves. I used the F2 rodeo 107 with choco fin starfish 18cm and gaastra echo 5,6. With this combination planing was possible with my 83 kilograms weight. My wetsuit, the O'Neill Psycho Freak 2,5-3,5mm was warm enough in 14 degrees celsius.

The first heat was a nice warm up against Max Droege, but 12 minutes were still close to get all my moves. the following heat was again against Davy Scheffers. This was the best heat for both of us. It was just a pitty that we met so soon in the competition. Then I won against Tonky Frans. I felt very confident to beat Gollito but I had a bad heat and I lost. In the losers final I beated Kiri Thode to end 3th in the single elimination. Because of the bad wind circumstances during the rest of the week, the competition ended here with Gollito in first place, Taty 2nd and I 3th.

2 Tow-in supersessions were organised: The first I won with a double airfunnel. Gollito won the second with a sick burner 900. In the overall ranking Taty, Kiri and I had the same points, but unluckily I became 4th.

Steven van Broeckhoven Tabelle

2010-10-08 // Dirk Doppenberg Wins Marathon Aalsmee

Dirk Doppenberg
Under great conditions there last Sunday for the 17th time competed for "The Grand Prix of Aalsmeer. More than 80 surfers from all over the Netherlands and Belgium to Aalsmeer come to compete for the prestigious title. The combination of summer weather and strong wind made it not only a feast for the participants, the audience did not have much to be desired.

The organizing club Aalsmeer Windsurf Club had a race track across the Westeinderplassen explained. Exactly at 12:30 hours after which was started in the wind leaving for Kudelstaart.At the first curve point showed the three men do not follow the course set was kept under Dennis Little, the reigning Dutch champions. "I took the camera boat to a buoy wrong food," says Dennis. Then the course towards Leimuiden then put into a half long upwind leg to return to the turning point at Island Surf.

Former world speed record holder Dirk Doppenberg here officially takes charge and shows why he is the world's fastest windsurfer belongs. He clocked speeds of over 60km / h and go as leader of the second round. In the Olympic RS: X class took Jort Min at the last moment over the leadership of Marc van Santen. Cindy Koopman with the ladies. The now fully flocking audience visibly enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and was surfing from no action to remember. The turning point was close to the side and for not immediately visible action a wireless video monitoring system was constructed. Also, all intermediate live on twitter to follow.

In the third round and keep the leaders stand out in record time to finish. Besides a cash prize, the deserved overall winner by Dirk Doppenberg Mini Mini Countryman Poelgeest made available a weekend home. The entire results can be found at www.wsca.nl and a photo and video impression on facebook.

2010-09-20 // Visit us at the Interboot in Friedrichshafen

Messe Friedrichshafen
From the 18th - 26th of September, we will be presenting our new 2011 Windsurf and Kiteboard range. Get exclusive insights. Visit us at our booth (Nr. A6-200) and be the first to experiences of our innovations.

2010-09-13 // Gunnar Asmussen is the new German Champion in Speedsurfing

Gunnar Assmussen
This past weekend was the final day of the Nordswell Speed Surfing Tour 2010 took place. As the clear winner of this tour - and therefore the German champion in speedsurfing - is our teamrider Gunnar Asmussen.

From a total of six-speed runs, each 1.5 hours, he could succeed in winning 4 of them. "I had perfect boards. During less wind, I used the new Silberfeil 58, the board really worked in all conditions, I am very excited. With a little more wind I've tried it with missiles and could reach a top speed of 71 kmh," he sayd. Unfortunately, the water had not optimal.

2010-09-07 // Visit us at the Surf Expo in Orlando

From the 10th -12th of September we will be presenting our new F2 range in Orlando. Get exclusive insights and be the first to experiences of our innovations. Visit us at Booth No. 1084 in the Board Builders Pavilion (B).

2010-08-26 // 3rd Girls Windsurf Camp

17th-18th July, 24th-25th July, and 31st July -1st August 2010

The biggest girls windsurf camp in Greece was organized for the third year in a row by Evi Tsape. Participation has been growing every year, with more and more girls taking part in Evi’s camps, either to learn what windsurfing is about and do their first steps on a windsurf board, or in the case of girls who already practice windsurfing- to improve their technique, discuss equipment issues and hang out on the beach with all the girls.

The camp was held at “Karavi Water Sports”, on the beach of Schinias, in the Northeast of Athens. It ran for 3 consecutive weekends, as well as some weekdays in between, as participation this year was way too big to be fitted in 3 weekends only. All in all, a great job was done and what is most important is that we had a great time. After each weekend, all the beginners who participated were pretty comfortable doing runs and turns on the water on their own and could already understand what sailing is and how we steer the windsurf board to go out to sea and back to the beach. Besides the beginners, there were also more advanced sailors, all of which improved quite a bit during each weekend, getting to know more about that new technique they are trying to master and trying it on land and in the water under the supervision of the camps’ instructors. The camp started Saturday mornings 9.00 am with theory for beginners. We used a simulator on the beach to explain the basics and then each girl separately would have a go with the simulator to get the feeling. After that, we immediately hit the water in groups of 4 girls, and each girl of each group had a full hour of windsurfing with an instructor guiding her through her first steps. By 13.00 pm the wind had picked up and we would work with the more advanced sailors, explaining and doing simulations of the techniques on the beach and then practicing them in the water. On Saturday evenings we had Yoga or Pilates and the camp would continue on Sunday morning same time. By Sunday evening everybody was exhausted and there were a lot of happy faces on the beach…

What is most important with windsurfing -besides what we do in the water- is to have fun on the beach, good company to hang out with, and someone to look up to when we are learning something new (and in windsurfing we never stop learning); all of which give us motivation to try to get better and better in what we are doing. This is what the camp is all about, to get together on the beach, get to know each other better, and share our passion and our enthusiasm for this great sport that is called windsurfing. Many thanks to everybody who contributed to the success of this camp, everybody that participated and everybody who joined us on the beach. See you all next time!!!

Please watch the Video to our event under: www.vimeo.com

2010-08-09 // F2 Testweek at the Urnersee

From the 11th - 19th of September you will have the oppertunity to test ride the new F2 2011 boardrange. Attend us at the Urnersee near Föhn Isleten and convince yourself personally.

More information under: www.windandsnow.ch

2010-08-09 // Steven van Broeckhoven at the PWA Event in Fuerteventura

Steven van Broeckhoven
Steven van Broeckhoven Steven van Broeckhoven Steven van Broeckhoven
Steven van Broeckhoven Steven van Broeckhoven Steven van Broeckhoven
Just as every year the organisation was perfect with lots of spectators and very good wind. During the competition I used the F2 rodeo 98 with the choco 18cm starfish fin and my favorite sail: the gaastra echo LE 4,4.

Day 1:
Only the first round of the single elimination could be completed as the wind filled in later that day.

Day 2:
My first opponent was my Belgian fellow Dieter Van der Eycken B35. My heat was perfect and I even scored the best points that day. also my next heat was very good against Maarten Van Ochten H73. The next to face was Taty Frans NB9 but I failed to end 5th in the first single elimination.

Day 3:
I managed to keep my 5th place in the double elimination. I won against Nicolas Akgazciyan F400, Bjorn sarahgoza NB11 and Leo Ray F200, but I was stopped by Tonky Frans NB7.

Day 4:
I had to do better to keep my overall position in 3th place, and so I did. I won several heats in a row against new talent of Bonaire Endro Finies NB77, trainingspartner Davy Scheffers H311 who performed really strong. Then I took revenche over Tonky Frans NB7. I had to give my very best to beat Kiri Thode NB61. In the final against Gollito Estredo V01 I wanted to do my moves higher and more radical but I crashed a litlle bit too much so Gollito won, leaving me in 2nd place. Kiri was 3th.

Day 5:
My day was great, things could only became better. To defend my 2nd place in the double elimination I sailed a great heat against Tonky Frans who had worked himself through the elimination ladder by winning 5 heats in a row. It was a nervous moment to wait for the decision of the jury. I won with a 3/2 decision. In the final I performed much better against Gollito then the day before. It was again a stressfull waiting period but the jury decided with a 3/2 that Gollito won. I ended 2nd in this 2nd double and 3th overall for the event. I could hold my 3th position in the overall year ranking. So I am really very glad with these results.

2010-07-27 // Gunnar Asmussen wins DWC Sylt Slalom

Gunnar Asmussen
Gunnar Asmussen Gunnar Asmussen
This weekend, the Flens Surf Cup 2010 in Westerland took place. In five days, the riders had the possibility to prove their skills. By best wind and wather conditions among other things our teamrider Gunner Asmussen could prove himself to success.

Especially noteworthy is the performance in Slalom. With four wins in seven races, he took the title German Champion in Slalom and Overall runner-up 2009/2010. But also the Formula races became exciting. After wining 2 runs, Asmussen could not win the third and essential run to his favor. All in all I am very happy with the results, an due to the bad luck in Formula it got really exciting, he says. I'm looking forward to more success in Slalom, and I will train more to keep up in international races. My material was fantastic in theses difficult conditions, especially in the slalom races I had no problems!

2010-07-12 // Steven Van Broeckhoven at PWA Event in Lanzarote

Steven van Broeckhoven
Steven van BroeckhovenSteven van BroeckhovenSteven van Broeckhoven
After the registration on day one the wind increased for echo LE 5,2 on the F2 rodeo 98 with 18cm choco fin. I used this rig during the whole week. The first possible start was at 1 pm but the wind backed off for the rest of the day.

Day2: skippersmeeting in the morning but the wind started to blow at 1 pm to get the competition started. My first 2 heats were against Paul Zeper and Maarten Van Ochten who's very strong performing this year. To be with the best four I needed to win against Tonky Frans. I knew everything was possible and that the best would win. I started the heat very strong with a high kono, shaka into air cana brava, future, culo, skopu, clew-flaka, burner, shovit-spock diablo, double airfunnel, and some other moves.

But I ended with half a point less then Tonky.
My kono was too far out upwind and the jury didn't know the move that was my shaka into air cana brava. But Tonky performed very strong, so it was close.
Day 3 and 4: the finals of the single elimination were completed/ Gollito 1st, Kiri Thode 2nd, Tonky 3th and Soltysiak 4th. On the last day the double was started but could not be completed.

Next is the PWA Fuerteventura but first I'm in Gran Canaria to train jumps and waveriding!
Videos of the PWA Event in Lanzarote under http://www.pwaworldtour.com

2010-06-22 // Steven Van Broeckhoven at EFPT Event in Lefkas

Steven van Broeckhoven
Steven van Broeckhoven Steven van Broeckhoven Steven van Broeckhoven
The event took place on 2 spots: the first 2 days at Vassiliki and the last days at Milos Beach. We immediately moved to Lefkada after the event at Sardinia to have training in Milos and Vassiliki. Milos is very beautiful and calm. Nearly every afternoon the wind rises for 5,6-5,2 sails. The wind is cross-onshore from the left with nice chop for powermoves. Vassiliki is totally different: the gusty wind here is cross-offshore from thee right and starts after 4pm during 2 hours for 5,2-4,8 sails on flat water.

The first day of the event the wind started earlier as usual: at 2pm we could use our 5,6 sails already and later in the afternoon the wind increased to using 4,8 sails fully powered. I used the F2 rodeo 98 and the gaastra echo LE 4,8. I won my first heat against Genkel G-984. My next opponent was the local rider Promponas GRE-393, a very talented guy. I kept controle and won the heat as I landed all my best moves.

Next was Yarden Meir from Israel. He can sail incredible heats with sick moves but I could win without any mistake. In the final I met Akgazciyan F400. The gusty wind dropped so it was hard to chose the best rigs. I took the F2 rodeo 107 that plans a little earlier and keeps on planing, with the gaastra echo LE 5,2. This seemed to be the best choice. I started far way off to use the best wind. Akgazyian took the risk to stay in front of the beach using the gusts. My tactics seemed better and I could bust out all my powermoves while Akgazyan was struggling to get some power on the inside. So I won the first single elimination.

The 2nd day the wind stayed the same, good for 4,8 full power. But after a 2 hours waiting time before my heat, the wind died a bit. Edvan Souza from Brasil won against Akgaziyan to face me in the final of the double elimination. The wind was super gusty and the wind turned more offshore. So it was pumping out of the wind and being overpowered in the gusts of wind. The heat ended without any wind. But the heat counted as we had enough moves. I was happy when I was announced as the winner of the double elimination.

I also won a price of the internet voting and a free dinner for 2 persons. And I joined the jury of the Miss bikini contest, not bad! Day 3 we drove to Milos beach, a 40 minutes drive. I like this spot more because of its consistent wind and good chop. But the wind only showed up during the afternoon for the biggest rigs to die before the start of the first heat. Day 4 same story with fog that blocked the thermal winds. So no further eliminations could be run.

More info at www.efpt.com
My heat against Stam Promponas: www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhgCFU9rwtg


2010-06-08 // The biggest “girls only” Windsurfing camp in Greece

The Event will be organized for the third year in a row, this time in “Karavi Water Sports”. “Karavi” is located on the beach of Schinias, Athens, and is well known to the world of water sports and beach sports in general, since every year -besides windsurfing- it also hosts the national championship of beach volley. The 3rd girls windsurf camp will be there to rock “Karavi” (Karavi means “boat” in Greek) and the on looking beach-lovers. After two very successful years, participation is expected to grow.

Alongside Evi Tsape, the host, Irene Tsape, John Xefteris, as well as all the crew of the windsurfing school of Karavi water sports will be there to guarantee a super fun and productive weekend. Participation is open to girls of all ages and levels, whether they would like to know what windsurfing is about and try for their very first time to stand on a windsurfing board, or if they want to improve their level or learn a specific technique. Everything about windsurfing, including basic theory and first steps on a windsurfer as well as more advanced techniques, will be covered during the weekends that the camps will be running, depending on the level and the progress of the participants.

All participants will be given commemorative diplomas for their participation as well as other gifts, whereas there will be more surprises that will give a special atmosphere to the girls camp. Dates that the camp will be running are 17th-18th July, 24th-25th July and 31st July-1st August 2010. Send in your registration form early so as to avoid congestion.

For more information, you can contact wsurfcamp@gmail.com or Evi directly (evi@evitsape.com).

2010-06-05 // Steven Van Broeckhoven at EFPT Event in Sardinia

Steven Van Broeckhoven
Steven Van Broeckhoven Steven Van Broeckhoven Steven Van Broeckhoven
Steven Van Broeckhoven Steven Van Broeckhoven Steven Van Broeckhoven
This year the event was a huge succes as the wind blew every day for a solid power for 5,6 to full power 3,6 sail sizes. We ran 3 double eliminations and a super session with the red bull ramp, in 4 days. Day 1 started perfect. I was powered up with the gaastra echo LE 4,8 on the F2 rodeo 98. I won both the single and double elimination. davy Scheffers (H311) was second and Antony Ruenes (F85) was third.

The wind blew strong on day 2 with some gusts reaching 60 knots! Everyone was one their smallest sails. I took the new 2011 gaastra IQ 3,6. It was the first time I used the sail. It felt very comfortable during the warming up with perfect control. In this second single elimination I did the big air moves like high ponch, airflakas, toad, T-bones,... I won every heat to meet the very strong performing Nicolas Akgazciyan (F400) in the final. I was glad to win the heat in these extreme conditions. The wind tempered during the double elimination but still sail sizes 4,0 or 4,2 were the most used. I chose the 4,8 for the final and I was full powered. Again I had to face Akgazcian and I won again.

On day 3 the wind was rather poor in the morning for 5,6 sail size. After a day with 3,6 size no one was hungry to use the biggest sails again. In the afternoon the wind picked up again, good for my echo LE 5,2. Davy Scheffers was on fire this day. He beated me in the semi final and he won the single elimination against Akgazcian. I ended 3th after beaten edvan Souza (BRA 250) who sailed very strong, but I had my best heat of the event. Day 4 started windy for 4,2-4,8 sail sizes but lacked off for 5,2-5,6 sails and the bigger boards (F2 rodeo 107). I started the double very well by beating Edvan and Akgazcian to face Davy in the last final. I won the heat against Davy but I needed another heat to try to beat him. It was a close decision but I silly crashed my last few moves and Davy sailed a solid sick heat to leave Davy win the double. In the end there was a supersession with the red bull ramp. Akgazcian won with a tabletop forward. I was 2nd with an airchachoo.


2010-05-26 // 1. Place Bonifacio Freestyle Project for Adrian Beholz

Adrian Beholz
Adrian Beholz Adrian Beholz Adrian Beholz
After my success at the German Freestyle Battles
I could win my first international competition. Yesterday the wind was good at the Bonifacio Freestyle Project. So the organisers were running the competition. The judges announced they gonna judge in the Best Trick Format. Good for me;)

By showing Burners, Konos, Ponches Chachoos, Air Flakas and Shakas I could win Heat by Heat. By beating Thomas Traversa in the semi Final I went into the Winners Final. There I met the French Anthony Ruenes and the Israelian Yarden Meir. Another good Heat was bringing me the victory there.

The ranking:
1.Adrian Beholz
2.Anthony Ruenes
3.Yarden Meir
4.Thomas Traversa
5.Adrien Bosson

2010-05-19 // Gunnar Asmussen wins against Bernd Flessner (JP) on F2!

Gunnar Asmussen
It was an extremely exhausting race, so I'm really happy about the victory! My boards were fantastic and harmonized perfectly with my Choco Fins. I won two slalom races with more than 100m ahead of Bernd Flessner. I'm really looking forward to the next event and will make every attempt to return to be high!

Photos Katja Bürgelt ( Choppywater)

2010-05-17 // First success recorded!

Daniel Aeberli
Our Teamrider Daniel Aeberli won the first race with our new SX Silberpfeil LTD. In Pelzerhaken he managed to keep the competitors behind, during the “Long-Distance-Race”.

2010-05-10 // Presentation of the new SX Silberpfeil 2011 in Pelzerhaken!

Daniel Aeberli
Our Shaper and Teamrider Daniel Aeberli will introduce the new SX Silberpfeil 2011 in Pelzerhaken. Additionally he will participate at this years Long Distance Race.

We are looking forward to the upcoming event.

2010-04-23 // The countdown is running- 20 days to go!

There are still 20 days left to the surf-festival Pelzerhaken and we are proud to pronounce the 297th Online registration for the test, the 651st Facebook-Fan, and 144 submitted songs for the 4821 people who voted our Top 100 Surfsongs. Number 1 is currently the song "St. Pauli Tanzmusik" by Le Fly with 62 votes ahead of Santana's song "oye comova". On Friday we will have the band "Le Fly" with us,live and in color.

35 participants have registered so far, for the Master and Grand Master Challenge valuation of the surf-Challenge and the Campground the Festival-Beachcamp has already registered 119 booked nights. Furthermore, were ordered four days of wind force 4-5 and 25 degrees Celsius and a total of 227 employees, exhibitors and caterers who will take care of your well-being.

More information under: www.surffestival.de

2010-04-23 // surf-Festival Pelzerhaken Event Shirts 2010

We like to give you a full support at the surf-Festival Pelzerhaken 2010, such like every year. So get the consistent event shirt by the brand Scorpion Bay.

Scorpion Bay is the legendary shorebreak at the westcoast of the Baja California in Mexico. In 1987 the surfer Mike Fischer and Rod Bradford started to print their first Shirts. Their prints should represent the lifestyle and the spirit of the Scorpion Bay and the Baja California – wild and virgin bays like, untouched nature and painted colors.

Don’t wait to long because the shirts are limited – get one for 20€ at the promo-tent at the event and be happy! You can also check out and buy the newest collection of Scorpion Bay there.

2010-04-22 // Report of the first efpt event in France: Mondial du vent at La Franqui:

The Mondial du vent is a huge and very well organized event with a lot of spectators.
This spot is perfect for freestyle when the local tramontana wind is blowing, but this wind was absent. The first 2 days there was no wind at all. But on sunday the wind finally picked up and the organizers decided to start the heats immediately. During the first heats the wind was rather light so you had to use tactics during the gusts.

Luckely the heats were prolonged but some still had to be canceled. In the second round the wind got stronger but not that stable with choppy water conditions which made it more difficult for the technical power moves. My first 2 heats were going all right. In the semi finals I met the strong performing Adrian Boholz. I could advance with the big moves like burner, culo, etc that were tricky in these conditions. The final was against Dieter van der Eyken and I changed my echo 5,6 to my favorite echo LE 5,2 on the F2 rodeo 98.

Dieter chose for the more save and the quantity of moves. But I did what I had to do. My first move was an air burner 540. after that I landed a shaka-flaka,kono, ponch, etc... But during the last minute something went wrong: after a culo-crash I lost my neoprene shoe and I was unable to make other moves. But I was very happy to win the final. The double elimination started immediately but couldn't be finished, which left me in first place to win the event.

Steven Van Broeckhoven

2010-04-08 // Dirk Doppenberg and Daniel Aeberli in Almanarre

Dirk Doppenberg and Daniel Aeberli
Dirk Doppenberg and Daniel Aeberli Dirk Doppenberg and Daniel Aeberli Dirk Doppenberg and Daniel Aeberli
Dirk Doppenberg and Daniel Aeberli tested the new SX Slalom Range for 2011 in Almanarre. The production has already been started, so stay with us to get mor news on the new Winner-Boards!

Here are the first Pics of the new SX Slalom Range.

2010-03-22 // Surf Challenge

Surf Challenge
Everybody can participate at this regatta. The rewards will be hand out just to participators, who won't be listed in the rankings of the DWC or IWA in the season 2009/2010.

The goal of the race is to get as much as possible rounds in during the period of one hour. The race course is a simple Figure 8 Salom.

On Thursday there will be a workshop for the participants of the regatta, hosted by the PWA Pro Klaas Voget. A highlight will be the “Pasta Party” for all participants in the evening.

The Regatta will start on Friday (14th May) and Saturday (15th May). The winners of each category will gain fame and honour besides rewards amounting to a 3000€ - purse.

The fee for the participation is 40€, including, Pasta Party, race lycra, and free entrance on Saturday night “N-JOY THE PARTY” Festivity.

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2010-03-15 //Adrian Beholz searching for the perfect dead water spot

All Wavesurfers should be warned. You should not continue reading. Because "Adi" Beholz and some fellows are on a quest. But not, as one might suppose, for the perfect wave ...

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