2011-01-17 // 3. Windsurfing-Kiel.de LoopChallenge

Am 16. September 2010 war es soweit – endlich... nach einem halben Jahr des Wartens war die Windvorhersage für die westliche Ostsee seit Monaten zum ersten Mal über einige Tage stabil. Für den folgenden Samstag, den 18. September 2010, wurde Westwind mit mehr als 20 Knoten angekündigt. Nachdem wir schon befürchtet hatten, in diesem Jahr leer auszugehen, fiel somit der Startschuss für die 3. „Windsurfing-Kiel.de LoopChallenge“. Und wenige Stunden später kam es, wie es kommen musste: Die Vorhersage wurde immer schlechter...

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2011-01-15// Three times top ten for F2 in Australia

Like every year the legendary Ocean Classic Marathon took place in west Australia. Fortunately, there was enough wind for all 159 participants to start. This event was super successful for F2. Jesper Orth reached an outstanding 2nd place Steve Stratfold and Daniel Aeberlie became 7th.
We are very proud of our three top ten results on the new 2012 SX race boards.

Keep it up!

2011-12-15// Matteo Iachino (ITA 140)  wins the Italian Slalom Tour 2011

After 4 slaloms done with strong and light wind, I won the last event of the Italian Slalom Tour 2011 in Sicily and I won the 2011 title.

„I'm really happy to win this championship for the second year and to do this with my new sponsors F2, Challenger sails, and I believe 2012 will be a great season with my new stuff.“

2011-12-08 // Slalom racer Jesper Orth (AUS 10) signs up with F2 for 2012

„Firstly I have to thanks RRD International as the Australian importer/ shop 2’nd Wind, for all the support over the last 2 years. Looking ahead I’m very happy to have shaken hand with product manager and shaper Daniel Aeberli and signed up with F2 for the 2012 season. Not only was the team sailor offer from F2 very supportive for me to doing the PWA slalom events, but also the involvement in the brand with testing and some development had a very attractive pulling factor.

„Before I joined F2, I tested the Slalom boards SX range, to be sure and most importantly that the boards will deliver on the race course. I did not take me long to recognise the potential as the performance was unreal. I tested the SX 135, 111 and 91 and straight away I felt at home with unreal acceleration, top speed and control. I can’t wait to get the 2012 boards here in Australia so I can tune all the gear up for an exciting 2012 season. For the waves I ordered some Barracuda Quad boards. Not only do they look amazing but they work great on the waves and after talking to PWA wave sailor and F2 team rider Kenneth Danielsen, which got a 6’th place in Klitmoeller using these boards, I’m convinced to have a „fun & Functional” summer in WA.“

„There is a great feeling of energy infused into F2 over the last years’ time and it is evident that a lot of work has been going into „recover” the brand from their battle to being nearly „out of the game” to get back on track in big style. The new wobber of a F2 workbook with their entire product lines displayed over 111 pages for 2012 is a truly amazing achievement in fairly short time.”

Here is what F2 product manager Daniel Aeberli had to say:
WOW, the next Step is done. Now we look back to the season 2011 and we had an amazing year!
And as we look forward to the season 2012, it’s just like dreaming to see how we get back on track more and more. Jesper Orth is just so perfect to expand the f2 family. It is not just about the great competition results he will achieve, it is about his knowledge and true passion. He will be one of the most important guys in the Racing and R&D team. It is important to me to have people around who I can trust entirely and work with. And Jesper is the man and I am more than happy to give him a big welcome to the F2 team! Lets get it started …

2011-11-22 //Amanda Beenen (H 87) - The new F2 Teamrider

I´m super stoked to join the F2 team! For me it is an amazing opportunity to push my level further! The past summer I made my debut in the PWA tour. Even tough I wasn´t satisfied about my results it gave me even more motivation to learn more and get better! So this winter I will train in South Africa. I´m convinced that spending time there will improve my wave skills and help me get used to my new gear. The F2 Rave is a fast board which allows me to rip in all sorts of conditions so it fits me like a glove! Of course I´m great full for the support I got from The Essential store the last few years but joining the F2 team as well as the KAsails team is a big leap forward for me!

I´ve been windsurfing since I was 17 years old and what first started as a dream at that age, is now getting real...This is the point to accelerate and therefore I need the gear to achieve that dream. F2 boards and Kasails are taking me closer to my goal!

Of course I will participate in the tour again in the upcoming year! Besides Wave I will also participate in Slalom. Wave will always be my number one passion but I think it will be good for my competition experience and for my technique. And of course It's a lot of fun!

Amanda Beenen

2011-11-17 // Rick Jendrusch (H-120) switches to F2

Special Rick Jendrusch Rodeo Special Rick Jendrusch Rodeo
Season 2011 was a very successful one for freestyle surfer Rick Jendrusch (H-120). The 17-year-old Brouwersdam-local not only won the first prize at the Dutch Championships in the category under twenty years, but also won the World Title in Freestyle for youth!

“I’ve had so much fun the past years on all the Starboards, learned a lot and scored great results”.
So a change of sponsorship was not directly what Rick was looking for.

But now, after 6 years of Starboard, a new board sponsor shows up at the horizon. After winning the World Title, suddenly doors opened up.
"F2 offered me a great opportunity for growth. It all sounded very interesting, so this summer I tested whether the F2-boards matched my style. After many rounds of testing and talks etc. we came to an agreement. "

Rick Jendrusch Special Edition
The rodeo, F2’s freestyle board, is Ricks new board. Often you will see him around on the Rodeo 90. "But the best part is that soon I will be sailing on the Rodeo 80 Rick Jendrusch Special Edition. My Own Board! I am so very proud of this!!! There aren’t that many people around that get contacted by a brand in order to develop a board together!”

Rick assumes that on this board he’ll be able to learn new moves faster than ever.  And that’s the goal!!! 2012 he wants to take part in as many PWA competitions as possible. "The first competition in which I’ll take part in, is in Vietnam. But before that, I’ll go to South Africa to train my skills!

2011-11-15 // New Teamrider on F2

New Teamrider on F2
New Teamrider on F2
I'm really happy to join the F2 International Team. I believe in Daniel and in his work. The boards are sick, you have speed and control everytime in every condition. I've just done my first race on F2 and I won all the slaloms we did with the SX Racing 82. It was the 3rd event of the Italian Slalom Tour. I'll train very much this winter to go faster in the next season and to do better in the PWA, and with my new stuff F2 and Challenger, I can do it.

"As the F2 Slalom team is growing it is just great to have such a young hot shot like Matteo Iachino on the team. I watched him for the last 2 years and he did massive steps forward. So now it was time to give him this extra Horsepower from F2 and he already managed to win his first race on F2."

Well done Matteo Iachino and good luck for the 2012 PWA season!

Daniel Aeberli and Matteo Iachino

2011-11-04// „Life begins at 40 knots!“

"Life begins at 40 knots!"
"Life begins at 40 knots!" "Life begins at 40 knots!" "Life begins at 40 knots!""Life begins at 40 knots!" "Life begins at 40 knots!" "Life begins at 40 knots!"  
Big report of Teamrider Florian Söhnchen in the november issue of the dutsch Surf Magazine. Together with Chris Hafer he traveled to Pozo / Gran Canaria to check out the finest spots. Below a  report of the trip in German:

Vermutlich jeder Windsurfer erinnert sich an die T-Shirts mit dem Aufdruck über die Windgeschwindigkeit, bei der das Leben erst richtig beginnt. Naja, für die meisten sterblichen Windsurfer unter uns endet das Leben wohl eher bei dieser Windstärke. Falls man wirklich herausfinden will, wie es sich bei 40 Knoten und mehr lebt und surft, gibt es einige Orte auf diesem Planeten für einen Selbstversuch.....

Pozo Izquierdo auf Gran Canaria ist einer davon, berüchtigt für seinen gnadenlos blasenden Passatwind während der Sommermonate. Es ist der Spot, an dem Windsurflegenden wie Björn Dunkerbeck, die Moreno Zwillinge und das neue deutsche Surf-Wunderkind Philip Köster aufgewachsen sind.

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2011-10-31// Danish Championships 2011

Danish Champion 2011
Danish Champion 2011 Danish Champion 2011 Danish Champion 2011  
From the 20-23 October we had the Danish Wave and Freestyle Championships here in Klitmøller. On the first day we had wave conditions in Hanstholm with 25-30 knots of wind and 2 meter waves, so the scene was set for a perfect wave contest.

The wind was a bit onshore which made it a bit hard to wave ride, so wave selection was really crucial, and most of the time picking up the right waves made the difference of winning or loosing.

In all my heats I was struggling to find the right waves and I didn't rank up as many points on my wave riding as I normally do, but I still managed to sail my way to the final. In the final I was against Klitmøller local Mads Bjørnå. He sails really well so I knew I had to sail my best to win this heat. Luckily this time I manage to time the waves just right and everything just clicked, and I sailed an almost flawless heat. I came out as the winner of the single elimination and was super stoked.

The double elimination started but after the semifinal heat the sun had gone down and it was simple to dark to continue. We didn't get suitable wave conditions for the rest of the contest, but with only 4 heat missing in the double elimination with a counting result.

The next day we had enough wind for freestyle and we finished the single elimination. I was ones again in the final, but didn't really sail well. The fact that I don't train freestyle anymore really started showing. So I lost to Jens Munk in a super tight heat. The next day the wind never really kicked in so we only manage to do a supersession for the spectators. That meant I finished second in the freestyle discipline, and my 4 years winning strike ended. Big congrats to Jens Munk who is the new Danish freestyle champion.

This was my last event of this incredible year. Winning the Danish Wave Championship and finishing 11'th on the PWA Wave world tour. Couldn't have hoped for a better year. Now I'm looking forward to go to South Africa for the winter to train for the upcoming season. I'm super motivated and hungry for more.

Kenneth Danielsen

2011-10-10 //Reno World Cup Sylt

Reno Worldcup Sylt
Reno Worldcup Sylt Reno Worldcup Sylt Rollei Bullet HD Freestyle DM 2011 Reno Worldcup Sylt Reno Worldcup Sylt Rollei Bullet HD Freestyle DM 2011
This year we where unlucky with the wind, 10 days almost no wind. But we had realy nice wheater which bring many people to the beach. For freestyle we did 4 tow in sessions which was realy succesfull. the beach was full with people, I never saw so many people watching our sport. I got 4 times podium place, 2times 2nd once 3rd and the last one the panasonic night session i got first place with the trippel jumping Funnel. More inf about event check the PWA event summary.


The world’s finest windsurfers were treated to ten days of stunning weather on Westerland beach in Sylt as a high pressure lingering over Europe brought with it blazing sun, but it also prevented the flags from flying. Despite the wind and waves not making an appearance it didn’t stop the event from being as amazing as ever. Hundreds of thousands of spectators made their way to the event site throughout the week to meet the stars of the PWA, see the trade stalls, listen to the interviews and to enjoy the warm weather.

The huge crowds were also treated to four astonishing tow-in freestyle competitions, SUP races, wave tow-in action, at spot of slalom racing, surfing and the world champions being crowned at the prize giving. The fleets remained patiently on standby throughout the week but were unable to take part in any official competition, therefore leaving the results and world rankings unchanged.

Tow-in freestyle
Throughout the week the world’s elite freestylers battled it out in four insane tow-in freestyle competitions. With 1000 euro’s up for grabs each time, the sailors went all out trying to upstage each other with every run, much to the delight of the huge crowds.

Kicking off the week, Jose Estredo (Fanatic / North) was the man on fire behind the jet ski, wowing the judges with his super-fast burners into funnels, the world champion Steven Van Broeckhoven (F2 / Gaastra) proved he was also handy in the light winds launching into tremendous air funnels off the back of the small waves.

As the week progressed the water flattened off and the sailors got more and more used to the tow-in allowing them to break the boundaries of tow-in freestyle and up the game with the moves they were pulling. Estredo remained on amazing form winning the next two competitions, breaking the judge’s scales with mind-blowing funnel in burners. The brothers from Bonaire Taty Frans (Starboard / MauiSails / Mystic / Maui Ultra Fins) and Tonky Frans (Tabou / Gaastra) brought their unique style to the competition going for each move one-handed or as close to the crowds as possible.

Also making a guest appearance in the tow-in, former world freestyle champions Ricardo Campello (JP / NeilPryde / MFC) and the Marcilio Browne (Fanatic / North / MFC) dusted off their freestyle boards and delivered spectacular burners and burners into funnel to make the podiums.

The crescendo for the tow-in came in the form of the Panasonic night tow-in freestyle competition. The beach was jam-packed full of spectators, and the water was lit-up with powerful spot lights, providing an amazing stage for the world best to do their thing. Van Broeckhoven made his way into the final with ease by landing a perfect triple jumping funnel, as did Estredo with one of the fastest burner- funnels of the week. Also excelling was Bjorn Saragoza (Starboard / Hot Sails) who delivered a super-stylish one handed double funnel.

Having been so amazing all week, Estredo was unlucky in the final and he went down on both of his moves, opening up the top spot for Van Broeckhoven to step-up with a triple funnel. Saragoza made his way onto the podium for the first time this season with a double air funnel and Browne stole third with a perfect burner into funnel.

2011-10-10 //Rollei Bullet HD Freestyle DM 2011

Rollei Bullet HD Freestyle DM 2011
Rollei Bullet HD Freestyle DM 2011 Rollei Bullet HD Freestyle DM 2011 Rollei Bullet HD Freestyle DM 2011
Kaum bin ich von einem Kurztrip nach Nordwest-Irland zurück, hält der Herbst in Norddeutschland richtig Einzug. Die ersten fetten Tiefdruckgebiete sind im Anmarsch und so konnten heute in Stein bei Kiel die Deutschen Meisterschaften im Freestyle-Windsurfen stattfinden, die erstmalig auf StandBy-Basis durchgeführt worden sind.

Da wir in letzter Minute doch noch die eigentlich schon für heute angesetzte LoopChallenge gecancelt haben (wegen einer ungünstigen Windrichtung), habe ich seit mehr als 4 Jahren zum ersten mal wieder an einen Freestyle-Wettkampf teilgenommen. Bei gutem Wind und noch einigermaßen angenehmen Temperaturen konnte ich den 9. Platz erreichen - ein Ergebnis, mit dem ich gut zufrieden sein kann.

Wenn möglich, werde ich in diesem Herbst noch an den SupremeSurf Bigdays (StandBy Wave Wettkampf) und bei den nächsten GermanFreestyleBattles (StandBy Freestyle Wettkampf) teilnehmen - so ein kleiner Wettkampf zwischendurch macht schon einfach Spaß... Außerdem hoffen wir natürlich, auch die LoopChallenge noch durchführen zu können, auch wenn die Temperaturen für so einen Fahrtechnik Workshop langsam grenzwertig werden... Aber mal sehen, wie der Herbst weiter geht.

2011-10-07 //Youngster Week Karpathos 2011

Youngster Week Karpathos 2011
Youngster Week Karpathos 2011 Youngster Week Karpathos 2011 Youngster Week Karpathos 2011
After a succesful and windy season at the Pro Center Chris Schill on Karpathos, we would like to highlight a special event, the F2 Youngster Week, which took place from the 02.08 - 09.08.2011.

The week is a mixture between windsurf lessons, fun games, surftrips and daily changing activitiesincluding lunch, BBQ´s and bonfires together with the instructors, especially for youngster between 8 and 18 years.

Because of the great success we gonna start two weeks in 2012. Thank´s again to F2 for the support!

Next years dates:
24.07.2012.- 31.07.2012 and 31.07.2012- 07.08.2012

For more information check on: www.chris- schill.com

2011-10-04 //Meet weendy: A New Way to Catch the Wind

How often have you loaded up your gear and set out for a great day on the water, only to find out that the weather forecast was wrong? You end up chasing the wind, driving around to different beaches, only to find out later that your mates found an awesome place to ride. “The forecasts didn’t predict it,” they say, “but there was a steady breeze and we rode for two straight hours!” This has happened to us too many times to count, which is why we built weendy. Our vision was to build a simple tool that would do a simple thing: help people stop chasing the wind. It took about 4 months to build and now it is available to download on the iPhone for FREE!

With the weendy app, you can send and get real time information about all of the beaches that are in the area from people that are actually there. People can report if the wind is good or if it’s dead and let others know where and when to hit the beach and what they can expect. Shoot video, punch in your estimation of the wind speed, and hit the share button. It ends the days of depending on a news report that might be bogus from someone in a studio, miles away from the beach.  It saves so much time and frustration because you can go straight to where the wind is good without having to waste time riding around trying to catch it.

The weendy app also helps you meet people in your area that like to ride (surf) at the same beaches as you do. You can tease your mates back home with all the fun you are having, especially when they have rain and you have bright blue skies and killer waves on a gorgeous beach. You can upload clips with cool moves to share with others, give tips and teach new ones.
The weendy app is a great app to use; don’t miss a day on the water!

2011-10-04 // Best result in years for F2

Steven Van Broeckhoven Rodeo Pro Model Steven Van Broeckhoven Rodeo Pro Model
It is our pleasure to celebrate once more the effort you all brought back to us so far, and we would like also to thank Steven for such a great season and the title he truly proved to deserve.

Until the last event he kept his strategy of consistency and focus. No matter how fast he can rotate his board,or how high he jumps, he showed that his feet always find back to solid ground. Steven is not the usual surf story, growing up on the spot never been doing anything else. It was due to his passion and help of family and friends, as well as endless kilometers he drove to sophisticate his passion.

And it is an honor to watch him improve and share his spirit with F2 on his side. Also someone we should not forget to mention is of course is Danny, who is not only our product manager, but also the head of our international F2 team. And in the end a huge thanks to all of you, who helped to push the brand and make this season so successful!

2011-09-27 // Happy Birthday Steven Van Broeckhoven

 Steven Van Broeckhoven Rodeo Pro Model
 Steven Van Broeckhoven Rodeo Pro Model
In occasion of the Birthday of our Freestyle World Champion 2011, we would like to release a first preview of the new Steven Van Broeckhoven Rodeo Pro Model 2012.

Key Features:
  • Volume: 102 Liter
  • Length: 226 cm
  • Width: 64 cm
  • Super light Carbon-Keflar construction
  • Minimum Insert and Pad size to save max weigth
  • New Chocofins Starfish 2, 20cm,  G10
Happy Birthday Steven, from the entire F2-Family!

2011-09-20 // First review – Z1 2012

 The new Z1 2012The new Z1 2012 The new Z1 2012
The F2 Z1 is the new modified formula windsurfing board for the coming season. There have been some adjustments, which make this board even better than the F2 Z.

The F2 Z1 has got better planing abilities. Because of the reduced cut outs and slightly more volume it makes the board plain super easy. Further the F2 Z1 has a slightly wider tail for better upwind performances. The board still feels very loose and has got great acceleration and top end speed. Because of the reduced cut outs now also easier to handle in the strong and rough conditions. With the double footstrap position in the middle of the board it will give you more control for the downwind if necessary.

For me the F2 Z1 has become a more all-round formula board!
It has the same characteristics as the old board but gives me
more control for strong wind conditions!

– Casper Bouman –

2011-09-15 // Great success in denmark!

Great success in denmark Great success in denmarkGreat success in denmark Great success in denmark   
With the winds blowing strong and the waves breaking hard, Klittmoller seems to be one of the hardest stops of the PWA world tour. The more proud we are about the results of our team riders Kevin Mevissen and Kenneth Danielsen.

Both, Kenneth and Kevin could reach their best results all-time. On his Barracuda 84 production board Kenneth Danielsen could work his way past his opponents and the local legend could reach a an outstanding 6th place. Hard on is heels was team-mate Kevin Mevissen, who sailed each heat like it was his last, hitting the ramps with as much as speed as needed to reach a fantastic 7th place. Kevin took down some of the finest international competitors on his Rave 70 in combination with the brandnew F2 Concept 3,8 and 4,3 sail.
Kevin and Kenneth achieved the best wave results in the past 7 years of F2 participating in Wave-Competitions. Congratulations to our wave riders from the entire F2-Family!

2011-09-06 // This is how I design

This is how I design
Big report about our Shaper and Productmanager Daniel Aeberli.
Read about his work and get an insight of his professional life.

Read here ...

2011-09-06 // New Flagship – the Z1 2012

The new Z1 2012 has arrived!
The new Z1 2012 has arrived!The new Z1 2012 has arrived! The new Z1 2012 has arrived!  
Our new Flagship the brand new Z1 2012 has just arrived!
Watch the pics for a first preview!

2011-09-05 // F2 Rodeo Family Grows

F2 Rodeo Family grows ...
Earlier this month the EFPT and PWA freestyle title winning Board brand F2 introduced the younger brother from the so successful Rodeo family to the world of windsurfing. T

he EFPT press office remembers a conversation between several PWA and EFPT riders on a day off during Podersdorf´s Surf Worldcup. About that time the story of the younger Rodeo brother started ...

Read more about the new deveolopment of the new woldcup board on the EFPT website ...

2011-09-05 // The new F2 Barracuda Quad's 2012 arrive to Pozo

The new F2 Barracuda Quad's 2012 arrive to Pozo
The new F2 Barracuda Quad's 2012 arrive to Pozo The new F2 Barracuda Quad's 2012 arrive to Pozo The new F2 Barracuda Quad's 2012 arrive to Pozo   
As we told you a few weeks back, we have received the new F2 Barracuda Quads 2012. You can stop by the shop and see them.

They arrived late afternoon, and thanks to some friends we were able to clear them through customs almost at night. We couldn't resist so we kept the shop open and unboxed them.

Here is the video.

2011-09-05 // Adventure Trip in Egypt - Trailer of the new Video

Video Trailer Adventure in Egypt
"Some time passed... A lot of adventure happened and trip in Egypt is done... After first destinations two more followed. Secret spots and El tur- a lot of fun and adrenalin. We got a lot of "friends" from Egyptian army, got stuck 5 times in the send with rent a car, we were sailing very beautiful spot and a lot more... There was a lot of motivation, hard work and it took us a lot of time to had unforgettable moments on the water at the end. Third destination was totally different from first two. Landscape you don't see every day in Egypt gave us sick footage... Unfortunately there is wind just till around 10AM so we were very limited with time... Just Steven caught good conditions and showed nice stuff:) because most of the guys had to leave already. If we sum up... UNFORGETTABLE. And we will share it with you!!! We want, that you don't forget, how is to travel, to search for new sick spots, share all with friends on the water... priceless! Check out the trailer about Adventure Trip in Egypt... First part will be online end of october, soon after 2 more will follow. So don't run away and stay tuned!"

Wan't to read more? Check out the Blog of Andraž Žan here.

Trailer can be watched here on the F2 Website.

2011-09-01 // Bernie Sievi testing the new Barracuda 2012 in Mauritius

Bernie Sievi testing the new Barracuda 2012 in Mauritius
Bernie Sievi testing the new Barracuda 2012 in MauritiusBernie Sievi testing the new Barracuda 2012 in Mauritius Bernie Sievi testing the new Barracuda 2012 in Mauritius  
Teamrider Bernie Sievi testing the new Barracuda 2012 in Mauritius.
Check out the pics!

Photos by: Philippe Rimbeaux

2011-08-26 // F2 team in action!

F2 Team in Egypt
F2 in EgyptF2 in Egypt F2 in Egypt F2 in Egypt F2 in Egypt
F2 team – new world champ Steven Van Broeckhoven and Andraž Žan  are on an adventure right now in Egypt. Searching for new spots, catching new amazing moves on tape and getting everything out of the word windsurfing! Follow them on www.andrazzan.com

2011-08-24 // Good fun at the F2 center at Comersee

Center Domaso
Center Domaso Center Domaso Center Domaso
The Center at Comersee is equipped with F2 boards.
The upper part of Lake Como is very well known among windsurfers and sailors because of its thermal wind ‘Breva’.

As a centre recognised by the SWAV (Swiss Windsurf Schools Association) and VDWS (International Schools Association for Watersports) in the area of windsurfing you can count on there professional advice at all times.

2011-08-15 // Mission XL in Brouwersdam

Mission XL

From the 20th - 21st of August we will be presenting our new products for the season 2012 at the Mission XL in Brouwersdam (Netherlands).

New Boards and many new Accessories, are waiting for you ... So drop in and check out whats new. We would be very pleased to welcom you!

Further information under: www.boardguru.nl

2011-08-12 // F2 is searching for support for the racing team!

F2 is searching for support for the racing team!

30 Years of experience taught us the importance of consistent improvement in any sector of the water sport market. As well as the close work with athletes who are eager to improve their skills and help to develop new ideas and improve our product we are also looking for team members who live the passion of a surfer for life.

You can count on us! Therefore we expect to gain a communicator and athlete who represents our brand and philosophy on and off the water. We would like to be able to communicate and get feedback on material to be able to continue developing. In addition we would like to see certain media coverage such as competing in national and international racing events, or rep. ideals throughout new media, such as facebook, twitter, stehsegelrevue, etc. with comments as well as pictures and video clips.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the F2 team, please apply here ...

2011-08-02 // Pwa Fuerteventura – Freestyle world champion 2011

Steven Van Broeckhoven in Fuerte
Steven Van Broeckhoven in Fuerte Steven Van Broeckhoven in Fuerte Steven Van Broeckhoven in Fuerte
Again I had a great event, I knew before this one wil be very important for the world title, so I went more then 100% to win the finals, so which i did in the double elimination where  firts I beat Kiri and after 2 time Gollito, all very close with differents of half point. But didn't knew that I will be world champion after winning Fuerte, this is unexpected and big suprise for me and It's hard to belive it right now.

It's something totally new as I never thought this could happen. But I know I worked extremely hard to achieve this. So I'm really very happy and even more motivated to train more and more, because I know this is all possible.
A gentle start to the 2011 Fuerteventura Grand Slam allowed the spectators to flock to the beach, the sailors to focus their minds on the battle ahead and the atmosphere to intensify as the morning progressed.

By midday the wind was blowing around 15-20 knots and the sun was shining, providing the perfect start to the competition. Head judge Duncan Coombs wasted no time in unleashing the freestyle fleet onto the water at 12:30pm, announcing the best three out of six moves would count towards the sailors' scores.

The second round of competition witnessed the higher ranked sailors come out to play, bringing with them an armory of mind-blowing maneuvers. The highest scoring heat of the day was awarded to slick Belgian superstar, Steven Van Broeckhoven (F2 / Gaastra). Van Broeckhoven earned himself twenty-seven out of a possible thirty points in his heat against Christofer Kalk (Fanatic / Gaastra), landing monster shakas, ankle dry culos and enormous ponchs.


Twenty knots of wind, blazing sun and turquoise waters provided the perfect conditions for the world’s finest freestylers to wow the crowds with an amazing afternoon of action. Consistent conditions allowed the remaining heats of the single elimination and the opening heats on the men’s double elimination to be completed.

Having spent the morning tuning their equipment and planning for the heats ahead the sailors were fired up to hit the water when the green flag went up at 1:30pm. The men’s fleet were first onto the battle ground, picking up the action from heat twenty-one. The opening heat of the day witnessed Steven Van Broeckhoven (F2 / Gaastra) put a stop to Youp Schmit’s (JP / NeilPryde / Dakine)

An incredibly exciting battle for a sacred place in the winners' final saw Van Broeckhoven and Thode go head-to-head, unleashing their most insane tricks. Thode pulled a planing Kabicutchi and a perfect culo-spock, however Van Broeckhoven was on superb form, boosting super high into all of his moves and landing them with precision.

Men’s Final
Both parties entered the men’s final with all guns blazing, determined to take the early advantage in Fuerteventura. Van Broeckhoven took the lead landing a colossal shaka flaka and a planing burner. Estredo was quick to fight back landing a bolt upright spock-culo and future diablo. The pair was neck and neck until the closing seconds of the heat when Estredo separated the score sheets with a skopu into puneta, forcing Van Broeckhoven to attempt an astounding double burner. Estredo was announced the victor at the prize giving on the beach.

With a sacred place in the final up for grabs, Steven Van Broeckhoven (F2 / Gaastra) and Thode opened the heat with all guns blazing. Van Broeckhoven wowed the crowds with an ankle dry culo, whilst Thode opted for a double air funnel and an incredible triple spock. The astounding spectacle continued throughout the heat resulting in the scores being ridiculously tight, with Van Broeckhoven narrowly taking the win with a 3-2 decision from the judges.

Men’s Final
Having defended his second place, and earned a position in the final Van Broeckhoven was fired up when he faced the four times world champion Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo (Fanatic / North). Estredo sailed a perfect heat landing all of his most daring moves, and filling his score sheet in record time. However Van Broeckhoven timed his moves to perfection nailing a monster culo and massive konos on both tacks in a desperate bid to win the heat.

Van Broeckhoven was awarded the win with a 4-1 decision from the judges. With one victory each the pair would have to go head to head one more time to declare who would be the overall event winner.

Men’s Super-final
The crowds on the beach fell silent as the sailors lined up and waited for the green flag to be raised. Estredo was first to move landing a clean spock-culo in front of the judges. Van Broeckhoven fought back with a dry ponch and a colossal shaka flaka. A mind-blowing nine minutes of action flew by as the world’s best freestylers performed every move possible to impress the judges.

Fuelled by adrenaline the sailors ran up the beach to hear the results announced. Van Broeckhoven was awarded the victory and the event title with a 3-2 decision from the judges.

Having sailed an incredible year of competitions, Van Broeckhoven has won three events out of six events on the world freestyle tour and earned himself the title of 2011 world freestyle champion. Even if Thode wins in Sylt, and equals Van Broeckhoven on points, Van Broeckhoven will take the win as he has defeated Thode the most times.


2011-08-01 // Big Report of Florian Söhnchen

Florian Söhnchen in Baja California
Florian Söhnchen in Baja California Florian Söhnchen in Baja California Florian Söhnchen in Baja California
The Dutsch Surf magazine SURF NL reports from our teamrider Florian Söhnchen and his trip to Baja California.

Click here to download the full report!

2011-07-20 // Tomas van Zelst at the European Formula Championship

Tomas van Zelst at the European Formula Championship
A few weeks ago I went to the European Formula championships for Youth and Masters in Portimão Portugal. I did not expect anything about my chances  to take the first place. My only goal was to end in the top 5 in the Youth class.

To surf in Portimão is a great experience! It is much better than in the Netherlands. Nice bleu sea. A steady 10-18 knts NW wind. And no current. Only a little bit swell with some chop when the wind was picking up. The gear I used was my F2 FX Z and my 10.0 and 11.0 Mauisails Tr-6XT.
In the first few races I managed to be in the top 5 from the overall classification and 2nd in the Youth. The Polish guy was way better than me so I already made the decision to focus on the second place. In all the races I had a very good speed and I managed every race to be in the top 8 overall! The only problem was that my results were not steady enough to make sure that I could take the second place in the Youth. There was a Spanish guy coming up so I must be sharp and focused every race.

In the last 2 days we need to do 3 races because the days before we did 4 races every day. So whe reached the maximum of 15 races! The race committee decided to do 2 races on Friday and a final race on Saturday. That Friday I could make sure that I was taking the second place but then I had to win two times from the Spanish guy.  The wind was like 15-18 knts and I took my 11.0 to be sure that I had a good speed. In both races I had great starts and the first race I became 3rd overall and the second race 2nd overall in front of Miguel Martinho the worldcup guy!

So I made the second place and also 5th overall just two points behind the number 3rd!!
I am very happy with this result and I want to thank F2 and especially Dirk Dopperberg from Dopsports!

Directly after I came back from the Europeans there was a stop on the Grevelingendam for the Dutch Formula Championships. It was a nice big event with a lot of competitors and a very gusty wind. I managed to hold my second place in the tour and 13th overall. Dirk Doppenberg took the second place in the overall ranking! So team F2 did some good work over there!
Now I am training for the World Championships Formula for Youth in the end of August in Denmark. I hope that I can take some good results again!
Cu on the water!
Tomas van Zelst

2011-07-20 // F2 goes Motorsport

Win two VIP-tickets for the Scirocco R-Cup finals in Hockenheim
In cooperation with World of Windsurfing, two VIP-tickets to the VW Scirocco R-Cup finals in Hockenheim are being raffled!

All you have to do is post your answer:
"What do windsurfing and motor racing have in common?"
The most creative and suitable answer wins the tickest.

Just click here to get to the Facebook-Lottery page, where you can give your answer!

2011-07-06// Gunnar Asmussen wins the DWC in Boltenhagen

Gunnar Asmussen wins the DWC in Boltenhagen
Eight slalom eliminations with thrilling head-to-head results. This was offered at the 1st - 3rd of July in Boltenhagen at the "Weiße Wiek" where the Germand Windsurf Cup took place. Unassailable and outstanding was the effort of Gunnar Asmussen (GER-88), who could win the cup by winning all five runs.

Congratulations to this success!

2011-07-05 // Teamrider Michael Rossmeier wins Bump n' Jump

Rossmeier wins Bump 'n Jump
Every year many freestylers come to lake Garda, to jump over the speedy boat backwave. In the past years, only Italian guys made it to the podium but this year Michael Rossmeier managed to get to the top.

Congratulations to this success!

2011-07-04 // Aruba Wolrd Cup

Steven Van Broeckhoven in Aruba
Steven Van Broeckhoven in Aruba Steven Van Broeckhoven in Aruba Steven Van Broeckhoven in Aruba
After my success in Poderdorf and Bonaire, I did it again and got first place in Aruba.

The conditions were not the easiest, the storms around the Caribbean made the wind really gusty. I used the Gaastra Pure 5.4 and F2 Rodeo 98 and in the final I used the Rodeo 107, my winning board in Podersdorf, perfect for light winds.  

In the 1st single I won some close heats against Tilo Eber G414 , Bjorn Saragoza NB 11, Kiri Thode NB 61 and finally against Gollito Estredo V01 .

Next day was the double.  I had to wait for the final and this time Kiri won against Gollito, so it was me against Kiri again. Just before the start, the wind dropped, so I took my big board and this saved my heat.  It was really hard to keep upwind and keep on planning.  In the end I managed to make my powermoves on both sides.

Back on the beach they announced that I'm the winner. For me it was crazy to win in the Carribbean with all the local talent around and I’m very happy with the result. 

More info  www.pwaworldtour.com

2011-06-20 // Bonaire World Cup       

Steven Van Broeckhoven in Bonaire
Steven Van Broeckhoven in Bonaire Steven Van Broeckhoven in Bonaire Steven Van Broeckhoven in Bonaire
I knew in Bonaire it would be really hard to beat the locals, even the young kids are sailing good. The light wind also makes it more difficult for me against the lighter guys. I really wanted a podium finish, but I knew I would also be really happy even with a top 5. But my 2nd place was a big surprise!
The key to my success was that I was really focused on what I was doing and showed as much as possible the power in the moves that I was doing.  I just sailed good heats and tried to make better moves than my competitors.
Another important part comes down to the equipment I was using.  During the competitions the wind was really light and I was using the new Gaastra PURE 5.4 in combination with the 107L F2 rodeo.  This combination is really special for light wind and fast planning.  It is super light which makes the power moves much easier and higher. These are the heats I sailed to finish the conest in 2nd place.  
1st single elimination:
After winning a few heats I beat Philip Soltysiak who is consistently in the top 8, after I lost against Kiri Thode in the semi final, but won in the losers final against 4times world champion Gollito Estredo and finished 3rd.
1st Double elimination:
I have to sail again against Estredo, and once again I won. Then for 2nd place I lost against Taty Frans who was sailing very well and so I managed to keep my 3rd place.
2nd single elimination:

I won against  one of the upcoming dutch talents Remko de Zeeuw, then beat the frenchman Antony Ruenes who was training in Bonaire earlier this year and can always suprise his competitors, followed by Dieter Van der Eyken. In the semi final I had to sail again against Taty, but this time I beat him, which gave me good motivation for the final against Kiri Thode.  Somehow I managed to win the heat and so finished the 2nd single in first.
2nd double elimination:
 I got Kiri again, but this time he was unbeatable, and I lost 2 times, losing my concentration during the heats.
To decide who finished 2nd and 3rd between Taty and me we had to do one more heat; a sail-off. This heat I got my focus back and felt confident about how I sailed.  So I finished the contest in 2nd place, much higher than what I was expecting.
1st   Kiri Thode                                                           
2nd  Steven Van Broeckhoven                            
3rd   Taty Frans                                          
4th   Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo                       
5th   Davy Scheffers                                                 
6th   Dieter Van Der Eyken                 
7th   Tonky Frans                                           
8th   Choco Frans                                                                         
8th   Bjorn Saragoza                                             
8th   Philip Soltysiak     

2011-06-20 // Frankreich im Juni 2011

Florian Söhnchen in France 2011
Florian Söhnchen in France 2011 Florian Söhnchen in France 2011 Florian Söhnchen in France 2011
Wahrscheinlich kennt sie jeder Windsurfer, die quälende Frage, wohin am Wochenende. Insbesondere seitdem es diverse Windvorhersagedienste im Internet gibt, ist die Entscheidung nicht unbedingt einfacher geworden. Zumal die ja schon so oft falsch gelegen haben, mit ihren computergestützten Vorhersagemodellen.

Speziell wenn dann noch ein langes Wochenende ansteht, so wie an Christi Himmelfahrt, man also 4 Tage Zeit hat. Nimmt man dann noch hinzu, dass Flo aus Kiel und ich aus Krefeld komme, dann ist bei einem gemeinsamen Surftrip immer ein wenig Fahrerei involviert.

Unser Plan A, 4 Tage Klitmöller, schien angesichts der Windvorhersagen nicht besonders erfolgsversprechend. Blieb also Richtung Südwesten, nach Wissant, Frankreich. Das bedeutete für Flo dann eine lange Anreise, was die Entscheidung nicht unbedingt einfacher machte. Letztlich schwang er sich doch auf die Autobahn, Auslöser war die Überlegung das schlimmstenfalls in Frankreich kein Wind sein würde, aber immerhin schöne Landschaft. Zuhause in Kiel war definitiv kein Wind angesagt, dafür wäre aber der ständige Gedanke in Frankreich doch gute Bedingungen zu verpassen nicht gerade der Entspannung zuträglich.

Plan B, Wissant trat also in Aktion, und Donnerstag morgen um 02:30 waren die ersten 5 Stunden Autofahrt erledigt, und nach einem Frühstück ging es auf die zweite Etappe. Staus wurden gekonnt umfahren, wobei Strassenkarten nach unserer Philosophie zuhause eh besser aufgehoben sind. Auch bei unserer Ankunft lief noch alles nach Plan, strahlender Sonnenschein, herrliche Sicht nach England....nur hatten scheinbar noch einige andere einen ähnlichen Plan, denn Wissant war brechend voll, und die Sicht auf die Kreidefelsen von Dover war am Strand durch eine Wand von Kites dann doch ein wenig beeinträchtigt.

Welle gab es noch keine, aber mit 5.7 und Freestyleboard liess sich dann in Luv doch noch ein wenig freie Wasserfläche finden, um schon mal Spaß zu haben bis in die Abendstunden.

Am 2ten Tag hatten sich bei einem ersten Blick aufs Wasser die Bedingungen noch nicht entscheidend verbessert, aber immerhin liessen sich erste Wellen erahnen, und auch eine Segelgröße kleiner war angesagt.

Flo zweifelte inzwischen ein wenig, ob die 20 Stunden Autofahrt für ihn wirklich so sinnvoll waren, wurde aber zumindest kurzfristig beruhigt, als ein anderer Windsurfprofi frühmorgens und leicht verschlafen am Strand auftauchte, nach einer Nachtfahrt aus Pelzerhaken und mit glänzenden Augen meinte, das wird noch gut, wie Hookipa! Zumindest in einigen Punkten sollte er Recht behalten, Hookipa ist vermutlich genauso voll....und links hat es Felsen, bzw Bunkerreste...

Immerhin konnten wir doch noch das Waveboard zu Wasser lassen, Hookipa hatten wir uns wavetechnisch allerdings etwas radikaler vorgestellt. Der Samstag begann entgegen der Vorhersage dann nicht mit Wind für die kleinen Segel, sondern mit Sonne für den ein oder anderen Cafe au lait, und mehreren erfolglosen Versuchen doch mit Wavematerial ins Gleiten zu kommen. Allerdings hat der erhebliche Tidenhub den Vorteil, das man bei Ebbe quasi schon mal den Parcour abgehen kann, also schon mal jede Sandbank in Augenschein nehmen kann, auf der bei auflaufendem Wasser dann die Wellen brechen.

Erst gegen Abend, als schon fast alle eingepackt hatten nahm der Wind zu, und allein für die 2 stündige Abendsession bis zum Sonnenuntergang in den fast leeren Wellen, die das Potential des Spots zeigten, hätte sich die Anfahrt gelohnt. Manchmal ist es eben doch nicht die Anzahl der Stunden auf dem Wasser, oder die Höhe der Wellen, sondern es sind die besonderen Momente, die uns immer wieder zu - von aussen betrachtet - solchen ziemlich hirnrissigen Aktionen wie Fahrten quer durch Europa, nur für etwas Wind und ein paar Wellen.

Da machte es auch nichts, dass entgegen der von Flo vertretenen These, das Franzosen spät essen, in sämtlichen Lokalen in Wissant schon die Stühle auf den Tisch gestellt wurden als wir uns auf die Nahrungssuche machten.

Genauso wenig machte es uns etwas aus, das die Windvorhersage inzwischen immer weiter nach unten korrigiert worden war, und auch Regen uns beim Aufwachen begrüßte. Immerhin ging unser Plan insoweit auf, das wir auch noch am letzten Tag eine Session am frühen Morgen einschieben konnten, und dann sogar gegen Mittag entspannt bei abnehmendem Wind einpacken konnten, in der Gewissheit, nichts mehr zu verpassen.

Tja, und dann lag wieder jede Menge Autobahn vor uns....aber damit auch Zeit, die nächste Tour zu planen... ;-)

2011-05-14 // Dutch national championship in Hoorn Formula and Slalom

Dutch national championship
Dutch national championship Dutch national championship
Last weekend was our second stop of the National Dutch Championship. Because of no wind during the first stop, this was the first check in for everybody. The races were held in Hoorn at the Ijsselmeer. The forecast looked promissing with solid wind about 15 to 20 knots. The W wind direction blew ofshore which made it more tricky for everybody.

For the first day they anounched Formula windsurfing.
Before this event I had some good training with Dirk Doppenberg, Pieter Bartlema and Daniel Aeberli. We were for 10 day's in Almanarre testing the new F2 Formula board for 2012. This worked out really good! We had so many different conditions to test the boards in, which made me well prepared for this event. The first day I was sailing with my F2 Z and my Neilpryde 10.7! This combination feels just perfect! My overal speed is very good. The only tricky part was making the right dicisions on the course.
Because of the very shifty conditions you could easily make some mistakes. But also catch up our even extand your lead! We sailed that day 5 races. I won 3 races, one second and one third place.
You can see the results here.

1. Casper Bouman - 5 points
2. Klaas Sybrand Jissink - 8 points
3. Dennis Litte - 12 points

For the second day they anounched Slalom.
Because of the offshore conditions the wind was very unstable. We had to wait until the afternoon before the wind picked up and got more stable. At the end we had some decend Salom conditions. Because of the unstable wind I was sailing whit my F2 82, choco fins 48 and my Neilpryde 8.6. In these conditions this set up works just fine. My speed was good and I felt very comfortable. I was winning al my races going into the final.
In the final race my start was just a little bit to late and finished 3th.

1. Dennis Littel - 1st
2. Adriaan van Rijsselberghe - 2nd
3. Casper Bouman - 3rd

Overall I think this weekend was a great succes. I am very happy with the equipment I am using. For now I will start training for the Formula Grand Prix in Italie beginning of June. This will be an interesting event to see how I will go compared to al the other international riders. After that I will set my goals for the Formula Worlds in Puerto Rico!

2011-05-16 // Surfcamp auf Fehmarn in Lemkenhafen

Am vergangenen Wochenende haben wir mit dem Surfclub Surfen&Mee(h)r auf Fehmarn in Lemkenhafen ein Freestylecamp für Jugendliche durchgeführt. Teilnehmer waren Nachwuchs-Freestyler, die als Mitglieder des Surfclubs in Lemkenhafen gemeinsam trainieren und sich gegenseitig pushen.

Gemeinsam haben Markus Franziskowski und ich (Florian Söhnchen) die Jungs 2 Tage lang unterrichtet. Wir haben perfektes Wetter abbekommen, 2 Tage mit Wind für mittlere Segel, strahlendem Sonnenschein und super Flachwasserbedingungen. Netterweise hat F2 die Veranstaltung unterstützt und eine Menge Testmaterial mitgebracht und zur Verfügung gestellt. Vielen Dank dafür!

Das nächste Freestylecamp in Lemkenhafen ist geplant am
Wochenende 18./19.6. - jedenfalls wenn das Wetter mitspielt.

Euch allen vielen Dank für die Unterstützung!

2011-05-16 // Windsurfcamp in sardinia

First we had a 6hour drive to Livorno, Italy from Slovenia, then a few hours with the ferry to Olbia and in no time we were already in Porto Pollo, Sardinia. First day we had some bad weather, but everyone was so excited that it didn't matter. Short rest till next day and off we go with the lessons. In the morning all the "students"  get to know each other, got their colorful lycra (beginners blue, intermediate green and advanced orange), learned new info about windsurfing, spot, wind and after finally to first lesson. Light wind was perfect for beginners, later on, when the wind got stronger, intermediate and advanced sailors went out. After a long day we had a nice dinner and few minutes later everybody was dead in bed. Next morning we had a lot of fun with warming up , video analysis followed (like every morning when we had wind) and after we had a nice search of beautiful coast with SUP and kayaks. Soon the wind got stronger so we jumped in neoprenes and got ready for the lesson.

"Students" were learning a lot of new stuff...how to get planning, how to tack, jibing,... In the evening we had a lot of fun with the small party. Fourth day wind didn't come as we expected, so it was perfect for relaxation. Everybody deserved it. SUP tiiiime it was! Beside windsurfing, people really like to paddle around. Next day very nice for beginners... Conditions were very good for learning new turns and learning how to hook in. Advanced sailors preformed all kinds of light wind tricks and got much better feeling for the sail. In the afternoon we prepared everything for the barbeque and later partyyyyy! Last day the wind got stronger again, so it was time for speed :) . All participants were fighting hard so they earned nice rewards in the evening. One week of windsurf camp on Sardinia passed by with light speed. Everybody left home with smile and full of new knowledge. Now it's time for memories and new camps ;)

2011-05-08 // F2 is best in Test!

F2 is best in Test!   
The Windsurfing Journal tested several boards of all brands through their paces. With top ratings in 6 of 8 categories, our SX Racing 82 clearly asserted itself against the competition. Click the picture to see the results!   

2011-05-08 // Steven Van Broeckhoven in Podersdorf

Steven Van Broeckhoven on F2   

This year Podersdorf has been again a big success for me. Last Year I took the 2nd place and I was even able to win the event. This was the first time I could win a PWA Event!!
Im really happy and motivated again. After my injury in Vietnam, i didn't feel so comfortable. I knew, that I have to return really strong in the next event and thats what I was focused on.
My seeding in the single elimination was not easy. After winning against the young and talented riders Rick Jendruch from Holland and Davis Paternina from Venezuela, I had to face Tonky Frans. In the beginning of the heat, it was really difficult to show the high scored moves, but during the last minutes I had a really good run and could win this heat. In the next heat against raigning world champion Gollito Estredo, I knew, that I have to sail a really really good heat in order to win and go through to the winners final. I was fighting and gave everything and in the end I was winning the heat.
The final of the single elimination I had to sail against Kiri Thode from Bonaire. The wind was super strong an I made all my moves with a lot of power. I had a really good Culo and a very high No-handed-Burner try in my heat. I think this impressed the judges the most.
When they announced my as the winner of the single elimination, I could not believe it and was speechless.
The next day we were running the double elimination and I was super relaxed because I had nothing to loose. The wind was super light and I was using my new 5.4 Gaastra Pure and the 107 F2 Rodeo. Davy Scheffers was really sailing great, but was stopped in the battle for the final heat by Kiri Thode. So it was again Kiri and me, who were fighting for the crown. In the first heat, I had totally no wind and Kiri was sailing strong, so he won rightful. We were sailing an all-important 2nd heat for the win of Podersdorf 2011. I couldnt believe my ears, when I heard my name in first position. It was like a dream. So I could win my first PWA Event ever.

Now I went to Bonaire for some training and relaxing. My next stop will be Sardegna for the EFPT Event.

2011-05-04 // PWA Surf Worldcup Podersdorf 2011

Steven Van Broeckhoven on F2   

Steven van Broeckhoven could win the Royal Battle in Podersdorf. With  winds gusting up to 25 knots, he could bring up the Heat of the day in the 3rd round of the Event. Only thing missing was the final round. Steven started against Thode, who showed great performance in previous runs, but Steven went out quite unimpressed. In the end, a 3-2 decision of the Judges handed Van Broeckhoven his first ever world cup victory.

Thanks to Steven, F2 is back on track and it's the first World Cup won on F2 for a long time. Congratulations to Steven from the entire F2 Crew!

2010-04-21 // VW verkündet Fahrer im Scirocco R-Cup

Pünktlich zum Saisonauftakt 2011 verkündet VW die Fahrer, die im Scirocco R-Cup an den Start gehen. Nachwuchstalent Jonas Friedrich Giesler wird diese Saison für F2 durchstarten. Der Gymnasiast zählte zu den Favoriten bei den Junioren und wird sein Talent nun im R-Cup unter Beweis stellen.

Zu seinen wichtigsten persönlichen Erfolgen gehören die Vizemeisterschaft im ADAC Youngster Slalom Cup 2010, sowie Podestplazierungen in der Klasse KF3 DMV Kart Championship 2009. Wir Freuen uns auf das erste Rennen am 29.04./30.04. in Hockenheim.

2011-04-20 // Surftest in Pelzerhaken

Surtest in Pelzerhaken  
Test our Surf- and Kiterange 2011 on the 24th and 25th of April from 10:00 AM to 5 PM. You will find us at the Surf & Kiteschool in Pelzerhaken.

Surf & Kiteschule Pelzerhaken-Rettin
Campingplatz „An der Düne"
Strandweg 66
D-23730 Rettin

2011-04-18 // Newcomer Karsten Struwe on F2


F2 is proud to announce the signing of newcomer Karsten Struwe. With his new Rodeo he will be competing at the German Freestyle Battle 2011. Karsten started windsurfing at the age of eight and since then he participated in several Youth Cups.

Website: http://karsten-struwe.jimdo.com/

2011-04-13 // Windsurfcamps by Evi Tsape

Evi Tsape - Windsurfcamp in Athens

A series of windsurf camps will be organized by Evi Tsape for the fourth year in a row in May 2011. The series will take place at the installation of “Karavi water sports”, which is located on the beach of Schinias, Athens; Evi has also started a partnership with the windsurfing school that is lodged there. The camp will run for 3 consecutive weekends; 2 of them have been dedicated as every year to girls only, whereas 1 of them will be open to men as well.

Alongside Evi Tsape, the host, Nikolas Maniatis, the windsurfing instructor of the installation, as well as all the crew of the windsurfing school of Karavi water sports will be there to guarantee a super fun and productive weekend for those that will join in. Participation is open to men and women of all ages and levels, whether they would like to know what windsurfing is about and try for their very first time to stand on a windsurfing board, or if they want to improve their level or learn a specific technique. Everything about windsurfing, including basic theory and first steps on a windsurfer as well as more advanced techniques, will be covered during the weekends that the camps will take place, depending on the level and the progress of the participants.

Dates that the camps will be running are 7-8 May (girls only), 14-15 May and 21-22 May (girls only). There will only be a limited number of places this year, so if you would like to take part please make sure that you send in your registration form early.

For more information, you can contact wsurfcamp@gmail.com or Evi directly (evi@evitsape.com).

2011-04-06 // Interview mit Kenneth Danielsen

Kenneth Danielsen

Der dänische Windsurfer Kenneth Danielsen (F2, Simmer Style, Mystic, Choco Fins, Plasma) ist der Gewinner der Supremesurf Big Days 2010. Mit einem Taka und einem hohen einhändigen Backloop hat er Klaas Voget in einem beeindruckenden Finale geschlagen. Aber neues Jahr, neue Chance…

1. Kenneth, wo bist Du während des kalten nordischen Winters gewesen?
Ich war in Südafrika seit Anfang Januar, so bin ich dem Schlimmsten des kalten nordischen Winters entflohen.

2. Hast Du dieses Jahr schon ein paar gute Bedingungen an Deinem Heimatspot in Klitmøller erwischen können?
Ich bin noch immer in Südafrika und war somit zu Haus noch nicht auf dem Wasser. Aber ich weiß, dass ein paar Jungs, die den Winter über zu Hause geblieben sind, schon auf dem Wasser waren.

3. Du warst im letzten Jahr der Gewinner der Supremesurf Big Days. Die Leute haben also hohe Erwartungen an Dich für den diesjährigen Event: Blockade oder Motivation?

Für mich ist es eine große Motivation. Ich versuche im Wettkampf immer mein Bestes zu geben und der Event im letzten Jahr hat mir gezeigt, dass nichts unmöglich ist, wenn man daran glaubt. Also bin ich hochmotiviert, es auch in diesem Jahr gut zu machen.

4. Gibt es einen bestimmten Fahrer gegen den Du im Finale der Supremesurf Big Days 2011 gerne antreten würdest?
Nein, nicht wirklich. Da sind so viele gute Teilnehmer bei diesem Event. Es bis ins Finale zu schaffen, wäre also schon eine Ehre.

Vielen Dank für das Interview und viel Erfolg für die Supreme Surf Big Days 2011.

Interview: www.markusadrian.com

2011-04-06 //EGYPT ACTION!

A week of action is unfortunately over. Six days out of seven on the water, well also the day with light wind I was pumping with 5.3 so it was quite a week. Most of the time on 4.1 or 4.7 Hot Sails Maui Bolt and 98l F2 Rodeo. I had a great time with all the pro guys on the water, sailing was sick and action even more. Good training, nice photos, and useful video ;) Dahab was on fire, but I also went to say hello to my friends to El tur. The visit was unforgettable and we had a lot of fun. Enjoy in photos and video material fill follow soon...

Don't forget that in less than 3 weeks windsurf camp on Sardinia will start. Everything is ready and soon we will be closing the bookings. If you still don't know where, how, what to do form 23.4.- 30.4. you are super welcome to join us on windsurf camp on Sardinia, where we will have a lot of fun in windsurfing, trips, party and moreeee :)

2011-03-29 //The last days in South Africa

My stay here in South Africa is coming to an end with just under a week to go. Its been an epic season with lots of quality sailing. Especially January and February was really good, but even though March haven't been just as good it also provide some awesome days.In February most of the F2 team was gathered here in South Africa to do some testing and a bit of Photo shooting.

I got a chance to test some of the 2012 boards which was really cool. About 2 weeks ago we got a really good day at Milnerton. The wind is really offshore which makes it perfect for wave riding and if you get the timing right you can boost out some huge aerials. A few days later we got a perfect jumping day at Whitesands. All the pic's is from these 2 spots. Hope you like them.

Kenneth Danielsen

2011-03-21 //Sao Miguel do Gostoso, Brazil

Florian Soehnchen in Brazil
Florian Soehnchen in BrazilFlorian Soehnchen in BrazilFlorian Soehncehn in Brazil
Sao Miguel do Gostoso... schon der Name klingt wie Musik in meinen Ohren -  und das um so mehr, als er nicht so vertraut klingt wie die Namen einiger andere Brasilianischer Windsurfspots, die in den letzten Jahren so sehr in Mode gekommen sind. Jericoacoara, Icaraizinho, Flecheiras… All diese Orte bieten sicherlich tolle Bedingungen, sind aber zumindest zur Hauptsaison auf dem Wasser schon sehr voll. Dennoch ist es sicherlich ein großer Traum vieler Windsurfer, einmal einen der Brasilianischen Spots live zu erleben, bieten Sie doch während der kalten Wintermonate in Europa neben einer unglaublich hohen Windwahrscheinlichkeit Temperaturen um 30°C – und das sowohl in der Luft als auch im Wasser. Surfen in Shorts ist somit nicht nur möglich, sondern ziemlich alternativlos. Jedes Stückchen Neopren am Körper führt dazu, dass einem zu warm wird und jedes Kleidungsstück mehr als T-Shirt und Boardshorts lässt einem tagsüber den Schweiß geradezu in Strömen über den Rücken fließen. Was für eine traumhaft schöne Vorstellung bei -4°C, Eisschollen an den Ostseestränden und zugefrorenen Binnengewässern...

Da ich eine echte Abneigung gegen Massentourismus und überfüllte Spots habe und gerne möglichst ursprüngliche Orte als Windsurfziele besuche, war meine Neugierde sofort geweckt, als ich erste Bilder von dem kleinen neuen Windsurfparadies sah. Sao Miguel do Gostoso liegt ungefähr 800km östlich von Jericoacoara, nur ca. 100km von Natal entfernt und somit dicht am nordöstlichsten Zipfel von Brasilien. Sobald man aus dem Flieger aussteigt, beginnt der Urlaub: Palmen wehen im Wind und man fühlt sich im ersten Moment, als ob einem ein warmer Föhn direkt ins Gesicht gehalten wird. Die Temperaturen sind ein absoluter Hammer, selbst spät in der Nacht ist es in Shirt und Shorts immer warm genug, tagsüber ist es im Windschatten in der Sonne mit T-shirt teilweise kaum auszuhalten. Die richtige Erfüllung erlebt man aber, wenn man das erste mal nur mit Shorts und Lycra aufs Wasser geht – gerade noch im Trockenanzug auf der eiskalten Ostsee, wenig später in Shorts mitten im Atlantik, fühlt man sich wie in einem Traum. Das Wasser ist in etwa genau so warm wie die Luft und beim ersten Abgang möchte man jauchzen vor Glück. Man könnte fast denken, in einen Whirlpool zu fallen, so warm und kuschelig fühlt sich der Ozean an. Selbst absolute Frostbeulen können ganz beruhigt den Neo zuhause lassen – hier ist er vollkommen fehl am Platz...


2011-03-03 // Michael “Rossi” Rossmeier on F2 Boards!

After several good years on Exocet, Tricktionary Rossi will be back on F2 Boards from now on! Rossi: “F2’s back and I am glad to be with them! I was on F2 for many years in the beginning of my windsurfing career and I am very happy to be back. Dani (F2 shaper and product manager Daniel Aeberli) is a good freestyler himself, I know him for a long time, the boards are awesome and the team is cool. I am on the Rodeo 98 for freestyle and the Barracuda 76 in waves right now and I like both of them a lot!”

Rossi will take part in some of the PWA Freestyle events in 2011 and will hold several events around Europe in the this year’s starting Trickademy (Tricktionary Windsurfing Academy). “There are a few more Tricktionary projects coming soon and it’s great to have a well known brand like F2 as a partner there”.

For more info: www.rossi256.com

2011-02-21 // Support your local surfshop

Support your local surfshop

Support your local Surfshop, eine Kampagne des Terra Oceanis Verlag zur Unterstützung des stationären Facheinzelhandels!

1) Warum unterstützt Ihr die Kampagne? Eigentlich aus dem gleichen Grund wie Ihr:
Wir wollen, dass sich auf Dauer nicht nur der Onlinehandel durchsetzt, sondern dass auch die lokalen Surfshops eine reelle Chance zum Überleben haben.

2) Was tut Ihr zur Unterstützung der Shops?
Zum Einen haben wir das ganze Jahr über zwei feste Außendienstler für den Bereich Windsurf eingestellt, die einen engen Kontakt zu den einzelnen Shops pflegen, und auch für lokale Testaktionen – neben den großen wie Pelzerhaken … - zur Verfügung stehen. Im Moment setzen wir bei der Bewerbung unserer Produkte ein besonderes Augenmerk auf Einsteigerartikel wie komplette Riggs mit Einsteigerboards, um Neukunden in die Shops zu ziehen. Sicherlich ist dies riskanter, als immer nur mit den absoluten High-Level Produkten zu werden. Wir wollen aber auch als Marke zeigen, dass Windsurfen für nahezu jedermann erschwinglich ist. Im Bereich Werbung sind wir noch einen entscheidenden Schritt weiter gegangen: Für die kommenden Jahre sind wir eine weltweite Sport-Cooperation mit keiner geringeren Automarke als VW eingegangen, was sicherlich auch eine weitere Zielgruppe ansprechen wird, und dem Bereich Windsurfen mit diesem Schritt weiteren Zulauf bringt.

3) Viele Internetshops treten heutzutage nur noch als Vermittler Eurer Produkte ohne Eigenrisiko auf. Was hält Euch davon ab, einen eigenen, direkten Onlineshop zu betreiben?
Das können wir so nicht bestätigen. Bei unseren Onlinekunden achten wir stark darauf, dass das Verhältnis Vororder und Verkauf stimmt. Bei uns kauft der Kunde IMMER auf eigenes Risiko ein – egal ob Shop oder Onlinehandel. Würden wir ein anderes System pflegen, wäre ein Großhandelsgeschäft wie wir es betreiben nicht fähig zu überleben. Bezüglich eigenem Onlineshop: Wir sind nach wie vor der Meinung, das Produkte über einen Fachhandel mit persönlicher Beratung und auch Betreuung verkauft werden sollten.

4) Der schnelle Preisverfall macht den Surfshops stark zu schaffen.
a. Wieso wechselt ihr immer noch im Jahreszyklus die gesamte Produktpalette?

Das stimmt so nicht ganz. Nur die Highlights, welche eine Marke ausmachen werden jährlich gewechselt. Standartmodelle laufen zwei Jahre lang durch.

b. Wieso setzt ihr für Eure Artikel Mondpreise als UVP fest?
Wir können nicht sagen, das z.B. unser Xantos Set mit Komplettrigg, welches zusammen bei UVP 1100.-Euro liegt etwas mit Mondpreisen zu tun hat. Grundsätzlich zu den Preisen: Jeder, der ein wenig Ahnung vom Markt hat weiß, was im Moment mit den Preisen gerade in Fernost passiert. Nebst dessen sinken in den letzten Jahren stetig die Stückzahlen, was auch den Produktionspreis in die Höhe bringt.

Was Ihr den Shops schon immer mal sagen wolltet:
Fördert den Nachwuchs und macht Promotion!!! Leider Gottes sind viele der Shops zu träge und leben immer noch nach dem alten Prinzip „warten bis der Kunde kommt“ … Sprecht Euren Brand an und arbeitet enger mit ihnen zusammen!

Weitere Infos unter: www.support-your-local-surfshop.de

2011-01-22 // F2 at the boot in Düsseldorf

From the 22nd - 30th of January we will be presenting our newes products for the season 2011/12.

New Boards, Fins, Sails and many new Accessories, are waiting for you ... So drop in and check out whats new. We would be very pleased to welcom you!

Further information under: www.boot.de

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