F2 Team International

F2 Team national (Germany)

In order to fulfill the goal of creating a authentic alpine team competing in national and international events, F2 is acting as the main sponsor of the „Bavaria Cup“. The official Junior FIS event is on of the largest events in Germany, although the participants come from everywhere in Europe. The „German Race Series“ will include four events, each event will contain two races. Apart from the role as sponsor, F2 will be officiating with the opportunity of board testing at each event.

Due to the fact that there will be more than 50 young athletes participating, this is a great chance for F2 the clarify and support young talents. Through this kind of sponsorship, F2 Team Manager Christan Veit was able to add two young talents to the national Team. Christian Hupfauer and Daniel Weis are two successful members of the German National Team, each riding their custom made F2 Proto boards.

F2 Team national (South Korea)