2011-02-24 // FTWO Play & Win

From the 1st of November - 15th of December FTWO and Activision gave you the opportunity to win on of 10 Tony Hawk Shred Bundles or a FTWO Freestyleboard including Binding. The winners were chosen  on 15th of January from our system. We would like to thank the many participants  and congratulate the winners.

Winner of a Tony Hawk Shred Bundle:
  • Alex Kittl from Austria
  • Teodor Malmborg from Sweden
  • Marius Barysas from Lithuania
  • Massimo Ivaldi from Italy
  • Veronika Kaukal from Germany
  • Alexandru Boamfa from Romania
The Winner of the FTWO Freestyleboard including Binding is Tobias Kämmerer from Germany.

2011-04-21 // VW verkündet Fahrer im Scirocco R-Cup

Pünktlich zum Saisonauftakt 2011 verkündet VW die Fahrer, die im Scirocco R-Cup an den Start gehen. Nachwuchstalent Jonas Friedrich Giesler wird diese Saison für F2 durchstarten. Der Gymnasiast zählte zu den Favoriten bei den Junioren und wird sein Talent nun im R-Cup unter Beweis stellen.

Zu seinen wichtigsten persönlichen Erfolgen gehören die Vizemeisterschaft im ADAC Youngster Slalom Cup 2010, sowie Podestplazierungen in der Klasse KF3 DMV Kart Championship 2009. Wir Freuen uns auf das erste Rennen am 29.04./30.04. in Hockenheim.

2011-06-28 // Freeride Battle in Slovenia 2011

Johannes Scharl
Johannes Scharl Johannes Scharl Freeride Battle in Slovenia
In this season our young-gun Johannes Scharl was able to improve his performance in the Freeride World Tour Qualifier Series. For the last two seasons he has been the youngest male snowboarder competing in this tour. After his 4th place at the FWQ K2 Chill series in New Zealand, he scored the 2nd place at the FWQ Freeride Battle in Kanin – Slovenia.
On the first day of competition he placed 3rd after the qualification run. ,,The first day was pretty nice! We had lots of good snow and I was able to stick my line just as I wanted”, he said. ,,The second day was quite harder. The strong winds had taken away a lot of snow and so we had to deal with a lot of icy parts in our lines. I decided to pick a solid and playful line. I learned a lot during my two seasons of competing and so I made the exact right choice!” Johannes rides a F2 Respect board with a FTWO Spyro Team binding: ,,I had the perfect snowboard for these kind of conditions! It gives me a lot of flexibility in the complicated and exposed parts of my runs and a lot of control in the fast ones. I love it!”
Johannes managed to get some spots in the highest stage of FWQ competitions – the 4 star events. His young age gives him a lot of time to learn and improve his riding-style: ,,I am happy to have F2 and FTWO as sponsors! They help me to keep on pushing my limits and progress in my sport!” We will see where his Freeriding Career will take him and as we know him, the next big project is never far away!

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